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Exhibition at Jurong West Regional Library, Jul 08

Exhibition at Library@Orchard, Nov 07

Exhibition at Tampines Regional Library, Jul 07

Exhibition at Woodlands Regional Library, Jan 07

Singapore Meatout Week, exhibition at National Library, Jul 06


Volunteers Speak

“Caring for others, man or animals, acts like a candle, which brings hopes as well as fragility. Lets be a candle and spread the happiness across all beings.”

Lee Jia Wei, New Volunteer 2008

“ I find it hard to convince myself that my little effort of volunteering can help to change anything…. but I also understand that every successful mission starts from the little from everyone.”

Thomas Tay, New Volunteer 2008

I stand faceless in a crowd
In front of a booth
With facts that speak out loud
Passes by a youth
Spying the statue of a famished child bowed
As if it spoke to her out loud
In her tracks she stops
She lingers, reading and jaw a-drops


A brochure from me she takes
A tentative smile she makes
A name on the list she leaves
A thank you from me she receives


If, in a tiny little way
She decides to eat less meat tomorrow and today
Please know that she has made my day

It was in response to a call for volunteers thru the newsletter that I decided to offer my spare time to help out at the booths. While I am not sure whether anyone walked away from our booth as a converted vegetarian, I am glad that we shared some facts about meat consumption with passer-bys. On a personal note, one of most frequent questions I get is - How do u give up meat? I tell them - It is not so hard, really, just try for a meal, then a whole day and before you know it, you can celebrate an anniversary.

Vanda, New volunteer 2008:

“Turning vegetarian is one of the wisest and happiest decisions of my life. By volunteering, I wish to tell others that it is painless to go vegetarian. It is a good way to show your respect for life - the animal kingdom as well as humanity. Although it takes a far stretch of imagination to think that all humankind will turn vegetarian, it is good to know that like-minded vegetarians are reaching out to the public for a right cause.”

Tan Peng, New Volunteer 2008

“I would say volunteering for VSS is a unique and new experience. Volunteering in promoting Vegetarianism is one of the ways to help billions and billions of animals on Earth to voice out their helplessness, fear, pain, suffering which they could not defend themselves at all. What makes it more meaningful and satisfactory is that we are also helping to spread the message of saving Mother Earth through going Vegetarianism and encouraging other to have a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. Oh, what I gain from doing this? I step out of my comfort zone and conquer the new territory which is so easy and rewarding.”

Crystal, New Volunteer 2008

“Volunteering at VSS exhibitions is all about giving back to the society for me and helping to speak up for animals that need help. That gives me the energy and vigor to advocate and promote Vegetarianism, as I know I have a little mission to fulfill, and the numerous lives are hoping for me to stand up for them.”

Jeff, 12 Years Old, Youngest Volunteer 2008

“It was my first time volunteering for the VSS. Not only did I learn more about vegetarianism myself, it helped re-ignite my passion for this very compassionate cause. I would not hesitate to continue volunteering in future events and I urge everyone to play a part in creating awareness about the virtue of vegetarianism.”

Lim Fang Qi, 2008

“You see, time and tide wait for no man and if I want to do something to the benefits of others - the moment is Now. Sure we are always very Busy, busy busy and no time to spare besides attending to our daily bread and butter issues, but Its how determine we are to get certain things done . So its all in the mind when I value the opportunity to help others besides myself in the case of collaborating with VSS to spread the message of a vegetarian diet. Its thanksgiving for me daily to be able to give than to receive!”

Jennifer Loke, new volunteer 2008