Vegetarian Society (Singapore), VSS, is a non-profit, non-religious organisation formed in 1999. We are a registered charity and also a member of the International Vegetarian Union

We strive to build a more humane and harmonious world for everyone on the planet as well as for our fellow creatures.

Environmental degradation, global warming, the high incidence of cancer, heart and other diseases have resulted in much untold physical, emotional and financial hardship.

Much of this is unnecessary and PREVENTABLE if only we knew and made the right choices. VSS’ efforts are directed at the prudence of PREVENTION through awareness, and we believe that education is the key.

VSS is a programme of the Centre for a Responsible Future.  Meet our board members here.

‘…the exhibition really impressed me…it spurs the public to be really aware of their lifestyle choices and at the same time is non-invasive or pressuring to all visitors.’

~ Grace Chew, 20

Our Activities

Some of our activities include:

Producing high quality educational materials for free distribution.
Giving talks and food demonstrations to schools and the public.
Providing information through newsletters and our website, for example, our website features a listing of vegetarian outlets and an online forum.
Outreaching with public exhibitions and other events.

Our Support Efforts

We also give support to people making changes in their diet, through:

Educational tours, locally and abroad (such as visits to organic farms).
Social gatherings and events to build rapport and create a sense of community.
Linking individuals and organisations that believe in eating less or no meat.
Striving to improve the quality, demand and availability of plant–based foods.
About VSS

We hope to make more and more people realise that
eating less or no meat can be fun, fulfilling & friendly.

Much effort and expense is needed on a long-term basis in our work and your support is greatly needed and most appreciated.

JOIN US as a member and enjoy benefits while helping the cause!