Web Resources on the Link between

Global Warming and Meat

  1. 2006 U.N. report entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow
  2. An article which quotes the head of the United Nation's Nobel Prize-winning scientific panel on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as urging people to eat less or no meat:
  3. Gideon Eshel and Pamela Martin are University of Chicago researchers. Their work suggests that changing to a veg diet can be as helpful in reducing global warming as changing from a gas-guzzling car to a car that burns less fossil fuel:
  4. A story from the US TV network, ABC, about the Eshel, Martin study described above:
  5. Devour the Earth is a 20-minute documentary produced in 1995 (but still relevant today) by the UK Vegetarian Society and narrated by Paul McCartney. The script is available at:
  6. Here are two reports from EarthSave. The first is titled, “A new global warming strategy: How environmentalists are overlooking vegetarianism as the most effective tool against climate change in our lifetimes,” and the second is titled, “A global warming report from Down Under: Diet and the atmosphere.”:
  7. An article from The Aquarian, titled “Another Inconvenient Truth: In the modern world, it is impossible to reconcile a carnivorous diet with environmental responsibility”:
  8. “Another Inconvenient Truth” is a popular title for articles and talks linking meat and the global warming. Here an article from E Magazine, titled “Another Inconvenient Truth: Meat is a global warming issue.”
  9. This webpage from Northern Territories University (Australia) explains how our fellow animals produce methane: “Emission of methane from livestock.”:
  10. A webpage from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: “Where does methane come from.”:
  11. The Meatrix is a web-based spin on the trilogy of Matrix films. Opposed to factory farming but not completely veg:
  12. Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) are trying to find ways to reduce the amount of methane produced by our fellow animals:
  13. “Methane emissions” is the simple title of a Canadian government web document, with accompanying video and teachers’ guide:
  14. “Global warming: The inconvenient truth about what we eat” by Stephen Leckie, July 4, 2006, provides an overview of various greenhouse gases and how human actions generate them via our food choices, including eating food that is transported long distances:
  15. In 2006, The New Scientist magazine had at least two articles linking global warming and the use of foods from our fellow animals. “Cows, pigs and sheep: Environment’s greatest threats?”:
  16. “Burp vaccine cuts greenhouse gas emissions”:
  17. “Meet Daisy the cow – global climate’s enemy number one” - From the BBC – some good information, but not veg-friendly
  18. Article from the International Herald Tribune Eating meat worse for planet than driving, animal rights groups say:
  19. Planet on a Plate - This is an overview of the effects of meat production on the environment, including a section on GW:
  20. Climate Change and a Responsible Diet, compiled by the European Vegetarian Union - This is probably the best compilation available:
  21. Why it's Green to Go Vegetarian - from the Vegetarian Society UK
  22. Global Warning: Climate Change & Farm Animal Welfare – from Compassion in World Farming:
  23. “The Meat Guzzler”, an article from The New York Times with great graphics: