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1 October 2011
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Two New VSS Corporate Members
VSS Recipes in New Online Magazine
Asia Vegetarian Congress
Laughing at Ourselves
New 'VegVibe' Features VSS Exco Member
VSS Inbox

Loving Heart Café Opens
More Classes by Shalu
Noted Thai Vegetarian Speaking at NUS
Oct at NutriHub
Star of "The Cove" in SG, Tue, 4 Oct
Halimah's Oct Classes

Be sure to read the new issue of VegVibe for a great mix of useful, informative and inspiring articles.
Dr George M Jacobs

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Two New VSS Corporate Members
A warm welcome to the two newest VSS corporate members.

1. Vege-Country Enterprises offers many hundreds of veg products, and you can order online, www.vegecountry.com, or by phone, 6760.5586, and fax, 6762.8253. If you prefer old fashioned shopping, please visit No. 67, Sungei Tengah Road, Unit No.32 Farmart Centre, S. 699008 or KBL Organic & Vegetarian Supermarket, Blk 406, Tampines Street 41, #01-25 Sun Plaza Green, S. 520406.

2. Sam's Budget Food offers Indian veg hawker food at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 7, Level 1, Stall 5, Tel – 6222.4458, 9471.6384. Read a review at



VSS Recipes in New Online Magazine

GAIA is SG's first sustainable living mook (magazine bookǃ, published by Green Future Solutions. This free publication is for consumers interested in news, ideas, tips and products that benefit people and planet.Recipes from the VSS cookbook, 'New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook' are included in the inaugural issue, which you can read at no cost online at http://www.greenfuture.sg/2011/09/13/gaia-sep-2011

The VSS cookbook is available at many NLB libraries:


Here are some of the other articles in the first issue of GAIA: Die Die Must Share, Carpooling, Give It Away, Playful Elegance and Simple Ling Kai.



Asia Vegetarian Congress

Here's the programme for the Asia Vegetarian Congress to be held in Hangzhou, 8-9 Nov: http://www.5avu.com/en_news.asp?id=5. The first day of the Congress features talks, mostly on health issues.

Among the speakers are Dr Chaoqiang Lai of Tufts University, speaking on 'Nutrigenomics and human health', Dr Susianto Tseng, the International Vegetarian Union's (IVU) Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator, reporting his doctoral research on the role of tempeh in vegetarian diets, and IVU Historian and Manager, John Davis, sharing his research on 'The vegetarian movement from a world perspective'. Among the Singapore speakers is Dr Sanjay Doshi, speaking on 'Anti-aging through a vegetarian diet'.

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    Here's the programme for the Asia Vege  
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    Asia Veg9tarian Congress
    Here's the programme for the Asia Vege  
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