VSS eNewsletter 1 September 2011

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Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
1 September 2011
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Editor’s Note


Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?
Happy Feet at Fort Canning – Sun, 25 Sep
Day Trip to JB Animal Sanctuary – Sun, 30 Oct
Vegan Cooking Contest
World Vegetarian Day 2011
Myth Busting
Letters to the ST Forum Page
VSS Inbox 1 – Resorts World
VSS Inbox 2 – Diet & Environment
VSS Inbox 3 – Cookery Studio


Kampung Senang Farm Tour
Interview with Vinitha of NutriHub
Dine & Learn Workshop Series – Sep 2011
A Big Problem with Eating Eggs
Omnivore to Vegan: Bill Clinton's Dietary Education
8 Ways to Beat the Meat Habit
Tips on Being Veg from Ellen DeGeneres
10 Ways to Convince Kids to Like Veggies
Another Shark Fin Ban
Excellent Source for Free Nutrition Videos
Offers from The Veg School
Cooking with Tofu
Halimah's Sensational Sep Classes

Last weekend,
VSS had events on health (a smoothie demo), environment
(a talk at a conference for secondary school students) and kindness (a booth at the ACRES concert for dolphins). Your donations help
us do more: www.vegetarian

Dr George M Jacobs

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?
The next VSS Library talk takes place at Bukit Merah Library on Sat, 10 Sep, 2 - 3.30pm. We have a very popular speaker, Dr Priyadarshani Kamat, who has done many talks on the benefits of veg diets. Dr Priya's NLB talk is free and open to the public. We would like to thank NLB for allowing us to hold talks at their libraries. Here are details.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious? (English Talk)
Dr. Priyadarshani Kamat
10 Sep (Sat), Bukit Merah Public Library,
Radin Mas Hall, Level 3: 2 - 3.30pm




Happy Feet at Fort Canning – Sun, 25 Sep

VSS, along with 28 other local NGOs, is part of the Veggie Thursday project – www.veggiethursday.sg – which encourages people to eat plant foods one day a week.

Veggie Thursday's first public event looks to be a good one. It's called Happy Feet, and it will take place Sun, 25 Sep, 8am - 1pm, at Fort Canning Park. The idea is to enjoy a day out at a beautiful, historic park. Entry is free, and among the many activities scheduled are:

• Guided treasure hunt walk
• Frisbee golf
• Standing yoga
• Compost making
• Ulam Bagus workshop
• Rope sculpture
• Foot reflexology by Singapore Association for the
Visually Handicapped
• Animal face mask making
• Wildlife mobile making
• Lots a veg food from Annalakshmi, Green Dot,
Brownice and Lins Smoodies.

Register early for discounts: http://www.nss.org.sg/

Volunteers needed: www.veggiethursday.sg



Day Trip to JB Animal Sanctuary – Sun, 30 Oct

Join us on another fun-filled day trip this October – we'll be enjoying a sumptuous vegetarian lunch and making lots of new four-legged friends at NANAS.

NANAS (Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary) is a private animal shelter which was relocated from Singapore to Pekan Nanas, Johor in year 2000. Home to 700 free-roaming animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and horses, it occupies 10 acres of land in kampong-style settings.

When: Sun, 30 Oct – 11am - 5.30pm
Cost: $50 (VSS members);
$60 (non members) – Includes transport, lunch, NANAS entry fee.


11am: Pick up from Newton car park.
Depart through 2nd link
12.30pm: Lunch at Ci Yi Vegetarian Restaurant (JB)
1.30pm: Arrive at NANAS
4pm: Depart from NANAS
4.45pm: Drop off at Boon Lay MRT
5.30pm: Arrive back at Newton car park.



Vegan Cooking Contest

VSS is providing a judge for a vegan cooking contest run by our friends at Kampung Senang. Don't miss this chance to showcase your culinary skills. Your completed registration form is due by 20 Sep. Registration fee is $20 per participant, which includes one jar of Chickpea Miso, and one packet (1 kg) of organic brown rice. Great prizes. Details at 6742.6627, email@kg-senang.org.sg, http://www.kg-senang.org.sg/



World Vegetarian Day 2011

Our colleagues in the Indonesian Vegetarian Society and
the Vegan Society of Indonesia are organising a World Vegetarian Day festival on Batam Island, 1 - 2 October. Here's the programme. For more info: jowlyyohan@yahoo.com

A. Public Talks
Theme:  Mental Attitudes and Healthy & Eco-Friendly Life-Styles.
Speakers:  Dr. Seto Mulyadi (Director of Commission on Children's Protection of the Republic of Indonesia), Dr. Raymond Yuen (Specialist in Cancer, Singapore), Dr. Susianto Tseng (Head of Indonesia Vegetarian Society
and Vegan Society of Indonesia, IVU's Coordinator for
Asia Pacific).
Day/Date/Time:  Sat, 1 Oct, 1 - 5pm
Venue:  Auditorium, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau.
Info & Registration:  +62-812-702-2175 (Dermawan)
Others:  75% for education sector and 25% for others,
free entrance, and 500 certificates for first 500 registered participants.

B. Vegetarian Food Fair (with over 40 food stalls)
Day/Date:  Sat, Sun 1 - 2 Oct
Venue:  Restoran Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya
Featuring:  Vegetarian Kids Parade, Vegetarian
Colouring & Drawing Competitions, vegetarian kids and teenagers' singing and musical instrument performance, cooking demos.
Info & Coupons:  +62-812-702-2175 (Dermawan)

C. Vegetarian Food Fiesta (Annual Programme of Ministry of Culture & Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for Overseas Tourists)
Day/Date/Time:  Sun, 2 Oct, 11 - 1pm
Venue:  Auditorium, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya
Featuring:  Green Meadow's nature-loving colossal dances.
Others:  for organised groups of about 700 overseas tourists.



Myth Busting

One of the free brochures that VSS distributes is
"Meat Less in Singapore". Along with recipes, this brochure also contains information to refute myths about vegetarian diets. Recently, some of this material was reprinted, with permission, on a website called Ageless Online: http://www.agelessonline.net/health/
Here's an excerpt.

I Need Meat To Get Enough Iron
Answer: Iron is an essential nutrient that enables our blood to perform its transport functions. Iron also maintains our immune system. Fortunately, many plant-based foods are rich in iron including chickpeas, raisins, spinach, molasses, brown sugar, whole grain bread and oatmeal.



Letters to the ST Forum Page

Recently, ST columnist Dr Andy Ho has had two articles of particular interest to VSS: one about plant based diets and one about the dolphins whom Resorts World wants to forcibly bring to SG. In response, a VSS Exco member wrote a letter that ST published online: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/


Our new intern, an NUS student, also wrote in,
but that letter has yet to be published. Here it is:

Release the Dolphins

I refer to Dr. Andy Ho's article entitled "Of animals, rights and moral agency" (18 Aug), where he argued 25 dolphins that once roamed freely in the Pacific Ocean should be kept in lifetime captivity for entertainment purposes at Resorts World Sentosa ("RWS"). As an animal lover, I am glad he agrees it is important to promote animal welfare. He has rightly stated "we are not free to abuse animals... we are moral agents, for whom human morality dictates that we be humane towards animals".

However, he was mistaken that "it is hard to see how enclosing the RWS dolphins in a pen and training them under the eyes of a team led by five vets would inflict pain or destroy them, if they are handled so they suffer no physical pain or bodily discomfort". Scientific evidence abounds as to the suffering that capture and captivity subject dolphins to.

Capturing dolphins is cruel because it rips them away from their natural ocean environments where they with their family and pod mates. Statistics show 53% of dolphins that survive capture will die within the first 3 months due to stress, panic and trauma.

Furthermore, dolphins are used to constantly travelling, playing, fighting, searching for food, and exploring the depths of the ocean. In captivity, their natural feeding and foraging patterns are lost and behaviours associated with mating, dominance, and maternal care are severely altered.

Readers may easily find more evidence online. Since humans should treat other species in a humane manner, we should release these 25 dolphins into the wild.
The writer also stated "However unpalatable activists may find it to be, animals are often sacrificed to meet human ends. The entire livestock and meat industry is premised on that, as is the practice of testing drugs on animals." However, just because animals are already sacrificed to meet human ends does not justify us perpetuating such practices. But the appalling conditions of factory farming merits another discussion.

Finally, he suggested "using animals in the laboratories is morally acceptable because the practice eventually leads to cures for or prevention of deadly illnesses in millions of human beings". Again, this is irrelevant. Even if the practice may eventually lead to medical breakthroughs, saving millions of lives is hardly comparable to profiting from entertaining RWS visitors. Does the latter really necessitate subjecting wild dolphins to a lifetime of pain and suffering?



VSS Inbox 1 – Resorts World

Resorts World seems to be helping the SG economy. However, vegetarians are not completely happy with them for two reasons: their plan for a captive dolphin programme, and their food, as can be seen in the following letter which was Cc-ed to VSS.

Dear Sir/Mdm.

I had unpleasant experience when visiting Universal Studio recently with my overseas friends.

My friends were all PURE vegetarian; one of my friends tried to bring vegetarian food inside but was stop at the entrance. We were told that vegetarian food is
available inside.

However, we were all very disappointed as we search around the whole place and could only find one Chinese/Asia vegetarian food stall selling only one single
menu (noodle) and no any other option available. Some of my friends choose not to eat as noodle is not suitable for them.

I was really felt shameful! not to me but to Universal Studio! Such a big well-known resort world cannot even provide a simple good impression for
tourist. And if you are going to stop people from bring food in at least offer people something good inside. Nowadays vegetarian is very common and a lots of
people are vegetarian, even in a five star hotel is serving this variety I don't see why your management cannot make some good effort and attention on this
matter. At least provide more than one dish with more presentable food for customer. And it was very expensive for a simple noodle like that. Or allow vegetarian to bring in
their own food.

I believe my friend will go back to their country to spread or share the story to other many vegetarian friends out there that Singapore Famous Resort world
treat discrepancy for vegetarian.

I hope the management can do something about it.

Resorts World replied as follows.

Greetings from Resorts World Sentosa.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the
inconveniences caused.

Kindly be informed that we have already escalated your feedback to the relevant business unit in charge who will be in direct contact with you once they have the confirmed information.

Should you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

VSS wrote both to the vegetarian and to Resorts World. Here's what we sent to our vegetarian friend.

Thank you for being a "noisy vegetarian". Too often, we vegetarians are quiet and we do not want to cause trouble. However, meat eating creates a great deal of trouble for human health, for the environment and for the animals who are eaten. Thus, we need to raise our voices, politely but persistently, so that more vegetarian alternatives are available.



VSS Inbox 2 – Diet & Environment

ONE (Singapore) is a dynamic organisation dedicated to ending poverty globally and locally. This month, they are having two programmes, on 8 and 10 Sep:


In regard to the 8 Sep programme specifically on lifestyle choices and poverty, ONE(s) sent VSS the following query:

Would appreciate your thoughts on this article please:


A VSS Exco member sent this reply:

Many factors affect the climate change impact of a particular food eaten in a particular place: transport is one of those, as is the production process. So, if I raise chickens in my home using table scraps, it will probably be more climate friendly than eating veggies flown in from Chile. Yes, it is possible for an animal based meal eaten in a particular place, consisting of particular foods, grown in a particular way, with a particular form of inputs, transported in a particular way over a particular distance to be more eco friendly than a particular plant based meal. But that tells us little or nothing about general statements about what foods to advocate from a green perspective.

When I personally decide what to eat, I take a holistic view, including env, health and kindness. I'm sure that with enough creativity, someone could even concoct a scenario in which it is kinder to eat meat.



VSS Inbox 3 – Cookery Studio

Dear Sir / Madam,

Chef Cookery Studio is a cooking studio located in Chinatown. Recently, we have engaged a chef who specializes in healthy and wholesome vegetarian cooking in various multinational cuisine. We would like to provide you some information for your reference. If you or your organisation have a custom requirement for any specific item or menu, please feel free to contact us for discussion. Thank you.

Best Regards
Raymond Sim
Managing Director
Chef Cookery Studio
Tel / Fax: (65) 62256608
Mobile: 97514643
Email: raymondsim@chuyistudio.com
Address: 30A Smith Street Singapore 058944



Kampung Senang Farm Tour

Last month, VSS did a farm tour at Kampung Senang's Tampines centre. For those who weren't able to attend that event, you have a second chance this month, plus, you will be able to get up close and personal with some soil-enriching worms.

Date: Sat, 17 Sep
8.30am – Breakfast, followed by farm walk
10am – Intro to Holistic Living and DIY Workshop,
including earthworm casting 1pm – Organic Lunch
Fee: $25/pax, $12 <12yrs, Free <6yrs children includes breakfast & lunch. Proceeds support TCM clinic,
ElderCare, Herbs Garden services.
To register and more info, 6785.2568, Tham or Oi Lian



Interview with Vinitha of NutriHub

Vinitha Ang is a registered nurse who runs NutriHub organic cafe – http://nutrihub.blogspot.com – now at 46 Temple St, in Chinatown. The cafe is closed on Sunday, but available for group booking or hosting events / classes. Opening hours are Mon to Sat 11am to 8pm (available for dinner after 8pm based on reservation). Vinitha also offers a range of cooking classes. Recently, Vinitha was interviewed for the VSS e-newsletter by Ana Laura Rivarola Oneto. Here is Vinitha's story in her own words.

Having nursed my parents through their battle with serious illnesses and sufferings, I realised that we have to take good care of our diet, especially those of us with high risk family history. Since 2004, I have totally changed my diet to vegetarian and progressively to a more wholesome organic vegan diet.

Working at the National Cancer Centre for 7 years, I saw young and old patients suffering from both cancer and its treatment's side effects. Sad to say, there is no emphasis on a healthy vegan diet as part of the cancer management. As a health care provider, I've also seen people suffering from diseases that might be easily cured with a change of d/>&nwo diet one newst th organic vegan diet.
ST pub feeleen.us with high risk family history. Since 2004, I have totally changed my diet to vegetarian and progressively 9 calatenbsp7,arian&In thit Natioamp; lunR.kg-s Food Fi1am

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Interview with Vinitha of NutriH3b
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Chef Cookery Studio is a cooking Top

Interview with Vinitha of NutriH4b
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Interview with Vinitha of NutriH5b
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Interview with Vinitha of NutriH6b
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Interview with Vinitha of NutriH7b
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Interview with Vinitha of NutriH8b
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Interview with Vinitha of Nutri20b
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Interview with Vinitha of Nutri2ub
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Interview with Vinitha of Nutri23b
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