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15 July 2011
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Veggie Thursday in the Good Paper
Back to NANAS
Veg Stalls at Schools
Unpublished Letter to MyPaper
Responding to the Media
Are Veg Stalls Good Business?
The VSS InBox: 4 Items


Healthfriend: A New Veg Education Source
Updates from the Blogosphere
Aug-Oct Healthy Lifestyle Classes
Vegetarianism and Christianity
Chef in You: More Veg Recipes
Is Eating Meat a Personal Decision
Savings at the Newly Relocated NutriHub
Veg Stall in Sembawang Closes
But Another Opens in Tanjong Pagar
Old Favourites
Voucher Company Does Veg
Forks Over Knives Ready for Pre-Order
Vietnamese Veg Class
New Issue of VegVibe

This is a big issue. We can't help it; there's just sooooo much going on with VSS and the veg movement generally. It's fun and exciting!
Dr George M Jacobs

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Veggie Thursday in the Good Paper

The Good Paper - http://www.goodpaper.sg - is a local publication, distributed free online and in restaurants, etc. (pls contact Good Paper if you can help with distribution). They describe their mission as follows:

Behind the scenes and through this paper, the work we do is about linking partners. Many NGOs, charities and social enterprises have unfulfilled needs and Good Paper is a platform for communicating and responding to those needs. We reach out to passionate youths, philanthropically-minded individuals and companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs to bring them together to create opportunities and build for the better.

Veggie Thursday, a project of VSS and 27 other NGOs, is featured in the current issue, along with VSS intern, Jasmin Lee: http://www.goodpaper.sg/join-me-on-a-



Back to NANAS

Join us on another fun-filled day trip this 31 July (Sun) - we'll be enjoying a sumptuous vegetarian lunch, hitting the shopping mall, and making lots of new four-legged friends at NANAS. (Our previous trips were all sold out, so remember to register early!)

NANAS is a private animal shelter which was relocated from Singapore to Pekan Nanas, Johor in year 2000. Home to 700 free-roaming animals, including dogs, cats and horses, it occupies 10 acres of land in kampong-style settings.

Details at



Veg Stalls at Schools

As part of VSS's efforts to start kids eating right, we not only do talks and workshops for students and teachers, we also work with canteen stall operators and staff.

Plus, when a stall opens up at a school canteen, we look for people to take over the stall and run it as a veg stall. We recently had success with that at RI. If you know a school with an open stall and the school would be open to having a veg stall, we can try to find someone to run it: info@vss.sg



Unpublished Letter to MyPaper

Paul McCartney is one of the world's most famous vegetarians - http://www.meatfreemondays.com - (he's also know for his music, in particular, being one of the Beatles). Paul once said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian -

Well, last week, readers of MyPaper had a chance to see inside SG's slaughterhouse for pigs. In response, one VSS member was inspired to write the following to MyPaper, but it doesn't seem to have been published.


I refer to "Pigs to Pork" MyPaper, A6-A7, 5 July, 2011. The article and the accompanying photos provide a graphic glimpse at how pigs are killed here in Singapore. Sad. Pigs are intelligent creatures, just as are chickens and cows and the other animals whom we eat.

The sadness begins before the slaughter. From birth to all-too-early death, we deprive these fellow animals - yes, we are animals, too - of anything resembling a natural life. Pigs to pork - living beings to lifeless objects - but they feel pain, too. They experience emotions, too. If they had been permitted, these non-human animals too would have developed family ties.

Generations of people in India and elsewhere have lived without meat. Scientific research shows that we can be healthy, even healthier, on a plant based diet. So, why?



Responding to the Media

As regular readers of this newsletter know, VSS does lots of talks, exhibitions and trips. These are great for face-to-face contact, but the numbers reached are usually relatively small, such as 50 people at a talk or 40 people on a trip to NANAS. We can use the media to reach more people, and nowadays, with new media, such as FB, Twitter and blogs, so many opportunities exist.

If you'd be interested in working with VSS to use the media to share the veg message, please contact info@vss.sg. Even if you just let others know about opportunities, such as an article in a newspaper (see the previous article in this newsletter for an example from MyPaper) or something in someone's blog, that'll be great. And, media in any language can be useful. Thx.



Are Veg Stalls Good Business?

A journalist from Shin Min contacted us about the viability of veg food stalls. Here is the correspondence.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am a journalist from Shin Min. I have some questions regarding the operating costs of vegetarian stalls. Recently, a San De Vegetarian Food Stall at Marina Bay Sands closed down due to insufficient manpower and poor customer response.

Do you all encounter a lot of such cases? Is it very difficult to maintain a vegetarian food stall in Singapore? Has a lot of vegetarian stall owners reflect on this issue?

VSS replies:

Thanks for contacting Vegetarian Society (Singapore). We can put you in touch with some veg stall operators if you wish. Also, the VSS website hosts a list of 500+ veg stalls and restaurants: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl Indeed, with so many veg eateries, SG is one of the world's best countries for vegetarians.

While we don't have statistics, it's our impression that the number of veg stalls is increasing, as more people are interested in meatfree eating, whether for reasons of health, environment or kindness to our fellow animals, as well as spiritual reasons. Also, it isn't only full time vegetarians who eat at veg stalls. Nowadays, many people are meat reducers, i.e., people trying to eat less meat. For instance, recently 28 NGOs came together to launch Veggie Thursday - www.veggiethursday.sg

Also, HPB advocates that we eat whole grain foods, such as brown rice, and many veg stall offer brown rice. Previously, veg stalls had a reputation for not serving many veggies and instead serving lots of fried foods such as mock meats. Fortunately, that seems to be changing.

Yes, veg stalls face the same pressures that other stalls face: rising rents, labour shortages, finding good staff, rising prices of ingredients.

VSS tries to support veg eateries via education in the form of social media, flyers, talks, exhibitions and more.



The VSS InBox: 4 Items

This issue we are sharing 4 of the emails VSS received and our responses. The first two concern membership in VSS, while the third is a about veg eateries in the soon-to-be-opened Gardens by the Bay and the fourth is an invitation to speak at an event for secondary school students on sustainable development.

1 - VSS Membership Numbers
A reader asked about VSS membership numbers. As of last month, they were: 195 annual members, 109 life members, 75 premium members, 12 corporate members and 234 student members.

Having more members gives VSS more power when speaking to the government, companies, etc. And, having more paying members provides more funds for our educational activities. Details on all the membership options are at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/Join


2 - Questions about VSS Membership
Someone wrote in with some questions about VSS membership. Below, in green, are our replies to the questions, in black.

Thanks for your interest in joining VSS. Answers appear below to each of your very reasonable questions. VSS membership allows you to enjoy discounts and privileges. At the same time, you'll be helping to promote the importance of eating less or no meat, so as to help human health, the environment and our fellow animals.

i would like to know if i sign up membership, does the membership come with anything like free vouchers?
VSS members enjoy $50 worth of food vouchers (more than the membership fee), and are also entitled to discounts at our partners restaurants and establishments. For a full list membership privileges, visit http://www.vegetarian-society.org/Join.

Is there any Birthday Treat for members?
Unfortunately, no. A Birthday Treat scheme for members is a good idea, but is not something we currently offer.

Does the member card have points redemption? If so, how do i redeem the points?
We do not have a points redemption program. Instead, members enjoy direct discounts at our partner restaurants and establishments. Visit http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/1367
for more details.

If i lost the card, do i need to inform your restaurant and how much is the cost for replacement?
An admin fee of $10 is charged for membership card replacement. Alternatively, members can also opt for early renewal. They will then receive a new card (with the full term of old plus new membership), as well as a new set of food vouchers etc.

How long is the card validity?
Annual Membership is valid for 1 year.

How much is the renewal fee?
The Annual Membership fee is $30. We also offer Life and Premium Membership. For more details, visit http://www.vegetarian-society.org/Join.

Hope you can get back to me asap.

We hope the above helps to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.

Thanks again for your interest in joining VSS.


3 - To Open a Veg Eatery at Gardens by the Bay
While meeting with STB on another matter, VSS learned that NParks is in the midst of deciding on the eateries for the big Gardens by the Bay project, a project that will be larger than Botanics. So, we wrote to NParks, and here is their reply.

If you are interested to set up a vegetarian food outlet in the Gardens, you may visit the Gebiz website:-

There are 2 tenders posted on the Gebiz system, closing on 27 & 29 July 2011.

These F&B outlets are located at the arrival square of the Gardens by the Bay.

The tender ref numbers are: Nparks/R/10/2011 and Nparks/R/11/2011.

You are required to register as Gebiz Partner thru the "Trading Partner registration" in the homepage before you could download the documents.

Thank you.
Samantha Kwan, Manager (Leasing), National Parks Board, Tel: +65 6557.9014


4 - Invitation to Speak

The second annual Sustainable Development Youth Convention (SDYC) will be held this year during the period 26 - 28 August at the NUS High School of Math and Science. Supported by the NUS High School Humanities Department, the convention aims to raise awareness of social, economic, political and environmental issues revolving around the central theme of sustainable development in both local and global contexts amongst Singaporean youths.

The Organising Committee of SDYC 2011 would like to invite VSS to be our guest-speaker at the convention. We would be honoured if you could address the participants on vegetarianism and the environment. Please consider this both a formal invitation and a cordial request by a group of passionate youths who believe that the efforts of Singapore's future generation combined can yet make the world a more promising place.


Healthfriend: A New Veg Education Source

Mayura Mohta was guest speaker at this year's VSS AGM. Now, we're happy to spread the word that Mayura has set up her own non-profit consultancy, called Healthfriend: http://www.healthfriend.com.sg

Healthfriend's goal is to create awareness and promote wise eating habits as a way to long term health for children and adults. They do this through workshops that include scientifically relevant nutrition advice combined with a 'Health/Healing Kitchen' section which will has live demonstrations/hands-on preparation of some of our recipes.

The seminars and workshops are designed to tackle and demystify food myths and inspire awareness to enable you to make smart choices in your daily life. By sharing their knowledge, they wish to empower you to live a life
of optimal health and wellness.



Updates from the Blogosphere

More and more SG bloggers are talking about veg food, and there are more and more blogs dedicated to veg. One of the best know is the Hungry Ang Moh - http://www.hungryangmo.com - and if you scroll down a ways, you can find a list of other veg related blogs that you might want to check out, including http://doufumafia.com



Aug-Oct Healthy Lifestyle Classes

Bliss and Wisdom Society will be conducting the following series of 9 lessons on healthy lifestyle as follows.

Chinese Class
Dates: 6/8, 13/8, 20/8, 3/9, 10/9, 17/9, 1/10, 8,10, 15/10 (First 3 Sats of each month)
Time: 7-8.30 pm

English Class
Dates: 4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9, 2/10, 9/10, 16/10, 23/10 & 30/10/2011 (Sun)
Time: 3-4:30pm

Venue: Yes Natural Bakery (2nd floor)
55 Lorong 27, Geylang Road, S. 389538
Contact: Iris Sia / Lim Chin Huat / Koh Lee Yong
Tel: 6547.1580

Application forms are available at "Yes Natural" counter, Tel: 6846.1580
Deposit: $30
(Refund if attendance is more than 7 lessons)
All participants are requested to bring their own bowl/spoon for food tasting.

Topics include:
Eco Lifestyle
Organic vs Non organic / GM Food
Health Hazards of Food Additives
Food Enzymes
Concept of "Diet for a New America"
Simple, quick, healthy vegetarian cooking!



Vegetarianism and Christianity

VSS members sometimes meet people who believe that vegetarianism is the exclusive domain of only certain religions. However, we meet vegetarians from all the major religions found in SG, as well as some of the smaller ones.

Here's one example of how people from many religions find support in their religion for embracing vegetarianism. It's a new book entitled, The Friends We Keep: Unleashing Christianity's Compassion for Animals: http://www.baylorpress.com/Book/219/


And, here's an article by the author:




Chef in You: More Veg Recipes

Looking for more recipes. A reader recommends this website, and we can see why, judging by this photo of the result of the site's mango cake recipe: http://chefinyou.com/2010/08/vegan-mango-cake



Is Eating Meat a Personal Decision

Does it affect only the meat eater? Not really!

From: http://www.evana.org

Who can contest that meat involves heartbreaking animal suffering, ruins the environment, clears rain forests, impacts global climate, pollutes soil, water and air, puts enormous pressure on public health systems, diverts available food resources away from hungry people, and obliges every tax payer to finance sprawling subsidy-jungles for farmers?

One of the main arguments against tobacco was the burden of passive smoking which seems like peanuts compared to the drama brought upon all citizens of the global village by the production and consumption of meat!



Savings at the Newly Relocated NutriHub

NutriHub is now open at its new location at 46 Temple Street (near Chinatown MRT exit A), and they are offering up to 20% off on retail products.

Plus, lots of special offers for their classes, and here's the schedule for 2H July.

Date: Sat, 16 Jul, 3-5.30pm
Theme: Raw Like Cooked - Series II
Menu: Nutri Vegan Rojak, Cashew Nut Parmesan Cheese, Crispbread without Flour, Asian Pizza Delight

Date: Wed, 20 July, 3-5pm
Theme: Harmonising Your Body Energy
Menu: Vegan Meal + learn protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation, how to use a pendulum to check your body & food energy, how to harmonize your body energy with visualization technique and other methods

Date: Sun, 24 July, 1-3.30pm
Theme: Nutrition Assessment & Vitality Cooking
Menu: Learn how to do your own Nutrition Assessment and find out what's lacking in your diet. Get Nutrition Tips on why & what to replace in your diet as well as learn how to supplement your diet. Followed by Vitality Cooking Demo - Asian Salad Delight using local greens, Brown Rice Milk

Date: Sat, 30 July, 3-5.30pm
Theme: Nutrimeal Cooking TM - Series II
Menu: Homemade Almond Oat Milk, Vegan Korean Kimchi, Eight Treasure Brown Rice, Five Spices Salad Tofu

SMS your name, contact no & email address to
Vinitha @ 92368402 or contact her directly
NutriHub - the Organic Fusion Cafe
HP: 9236.8402



Veg Stall in Sembawang Closes

A reader reported, and the stall holder confirmed, that the veg stall at Blk 334A, Sembawang Close, #01-01, S. 750334. Fortunately, Sembawang is still served by at least two veg stalls: one at 406A, Sembawang Drive Multi Storey Carpark, S. 751406, and another at near Sembawang MRT at 11 Canberra Road, #01-05, S. 759775.

Updates are always welcome. Please doublecheck whether the stall is really closed permanently, and not just shuttered for a couple days, before emailing VSS at info@vss.sg. Thx.



But Another Opens in Tanjong Pagar

SG is lucky to have many great veg Indian restaurants, but we do not have so many Indian veg food stalls. Fortunately, a new one recently opened near Tanjong Pagar Plaza, beside the wet market. It's called Sam's Budget Food. The address is Blk 7, Level 1, Stall #5. Contact 6222.4458, 9471.6384, samsbudgetfood@singnet.com.sg



Old Favourites

You've probably seen these videos before, but they deserve a second look, and even better, watch them with someone else:

Vegan Video by cartoonist Dan Piraro


Chew On This by PETA


Earthlings by Maggie Q and others, including Joaquin Phoenix

Farm to Fridge by Mercy for Animals

Glass Walls narrated by Paul McCartney,
produced by PETA


Plus, lots more here:



Voucher Company Does Veg

A long-time VSS member wrote to share that a voucher company is offering vouchers for Original Sin - http://www.originalsin.com.sg - one of SG's best known veg restaurants, featuring Mediterranean cuisine. The company is www.voucherwow.com



Forks Over Knives Ready for Pre-Order

The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

The film 'stars' two past visitors to SG: Prof T Colin Campbell and Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr, two leading advocates of plant based diets. Forks Over Knives is now available for pre-order at



Vietnamese Veg Class

Hungry to try some less common veg foods? Let Shalu show you the way this month at Palate Sensations cooking school in their new location.

July 18th, 7-10pm: Vietnamese Vegetarian @ Palate Sensations
Classic Vietnamese dishes with a focus on using fresh herbs and vegetables. Light and tasty, this is perfect summer cooking.

Recipes: Fresh rice paper rolls w/dipping sauce, Vietnamese savoury crepe, Spicy lemongrass tofu.

July 25th, 7-10pm: Asian Tapas @ Palate Sensations
Stuck for ideas on appetizers to serve at your next dinner party? This class is just right for you... here's your chance to learn some tasty tapas, Asian-style!

Recipes: Spring rolls w/a twist, Chickpea & potato cutlets w/spicy chutney, Tofu satays w/peanut sauce.

Please email Shalu at shalua@hotmail.com for more information.



New Issue of VegVibe

Very few countries are so fortunate as we in SG to have their very own vegetarian magazine. Thus, we look forward to each of the six issues of VegVibe that appear each year. The Jul/Aug 2011 looks especially good. The cover story is about the Brown Rice King, Heng Guan Hou. Hou is a VSS member who has done talks for VSS and who selflessly promotes the veg cause in many other ways.

Other articles in the new issue of VegVibe focus on Veggie Thursday, the recent Animal Welfare Forum, Ground Up Initiative and organic farming. Plus, you'll enjoy the usual mix of restaurant reviews and recipes, and, last but not least, don't forget to read the VSS advert, provided free by the magazine.

You can read VegVibe online at www.vegvibe.com, and hard copies are available at the following food outlets: http://vegvibe.com/vegvibeprint.html



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