Healthy Heart: Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

10/12/2011 13:00
10/12/2011 14:30

 Healthy Heart: Benefits of Vegetarian Diet 

    Venue: Central Public Library,
Multi Purpose Room
    Date & time: Saturday, 10 December  2011,
1.00pm to 2.30pm
    Max Capacity: 60

Admission is free and registration is not required. Seats are on a first come first served basis



Coronary Heart Disease is the number one killer in the world. Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease include hypertension, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, hereditary factors and stress.

There are many types of vegetarian diets. Most vegetarians eat dairy products; others eat eggs. Vegans eat only plant-based foods.

  • What are the nutritional requirements of which vegetarians should take note?
  • Why are antioxidants important elements of a vegetarian diet?
  • How can we meet all our nutritional requirements?

To find answers to these questions, join Dr V P Nair’s talk on Healthy Heart!


Dr V P Nair is a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. His balloon angioplasty and stenting training was at the Regional Cardio-Thoracic Centre, San Francisco Heart Institute, Cleveland Clinic USA and Broussais University Hospital. He has published many scientific papers and has addressed many regional and international cardiology conventions, and gives regular lectures to doctors and nurses in Singapore and many  other Asian countries.