Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?

10/09/2011 14:00

Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?

    Venue: Bukit Merah Library,
Radin Mas Hall, Level 3
    Date & time: Sat, 10 September 2011,
    Max Capacity: 100

Admission is free and registration is not required. Seats are on a first come first served basis. 


At this talk, you will find answers to some of the greatest challenges and questions people face when they decide to become a vegetarian. These questions include:

“If I don’t eat meat, where do I get my protein?”

“Where will I obtain the calcium I need, if not from milk?”

“Will I be Vitamin B deficient on a vegetarian diet?”

Have these questions clearly answered in the talk Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?

Dr. Priyadarshani Kamat is a qualified homoeopath with a Bachelors degree in homeopathic medicine and a post graduate fellowship of the Institute of Clinical Research. Apart from homoeopathy, she also holds UK diplomas in alternative therapies viz aromatherapy and manual lymphatic drainage. Her training of several years in the ever busy municipal hospitals of Mumbai and the rural and urban clinics gave her a profound knowledge of clinical medicine and a deep understanding of handling a variety of medical ailments through homoeopathy. Find out more about what she does here: