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15 June 2011
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Smoothie Workshop Open to Public
Dinner & Talk: Joints, Muscles, & Bones
How I Became a Vegetarian
Some Funding for Survey on Diet in SG
VSS Endorses Saddest Dolphins Campaign
Supporting the Green Corridor
Bringing the Message to Bishan
The VSS InBox


Smoothie Classes from LINS Smoodees
Eating for a Healthy Heart
Want To Run a Veg Stall at SMU?
Vegetarianism Becoming Mainstream in the U.S.
Veg Classes by Shalu at Palate Sensations
Introduction to Living Foods Mandarin Workshop
Learn Why Sharks Belong in Seas, Not Bowls
Cooking with Halimah
Mike Tyson Promotes Veg
Singaporean Opens Veg Café in Chiang Mai
Diabetes Overcome Via Plant Based Diet
Eye Care Talk, Plus Dinner at Lotus
Reopenings - Annalakshmi & NutriHub

They say good nutrition aids learning, and this issue is bursting with opportunities to learn while being nourished and while learning about good nutrition. Thanks.
Dr George M Jacobs

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Smoothie Workshop Open to Public

VSS has done many smoothie workshops and
demos, but for schools, companies, etc., and not
for the public. Finally, our smoothie guru, Yeow
(pictured above on his way to collect the workshop
ingredients), is putting his magic on display for the
general public:
Sun, 19 Jun, 7-8.30pm, Melville Park Condo, Simie,
$15 (VSS members), $20 (non-members).

This fun and engaging hands-on workshop shares
with you 10 recipes and everything you need to get
started on this simple and powerful way to better
health! All equipment and ingredients are provided:

• A short talk on why these great tasting smoothies
are loaded with anti-oxidants, phyto-chemicals and
other micro and macro nutrients.

• A demonstration of a simple, delicious recipe
followed by smoothie tasting.

• Hands-on smoothie making session (10 stations
with about 4 people to a station).

• A chance for everyone to sample 4 fruity
smoothies, 3 green smoothies and 3 nut-milkshakes.

Details at


Dinner & Talk: Joints, Muscles, & Bones

VSS is proud to organise a talk by Dr Casey deRoos, titled 'How Nutrition Affects Joints, Muscles and
Bones'. Dr Casey is a Doctor of Chiropractic D.C,
Cum Laude (USA). He and his wife Natalia are
active on the veg scene and have a lot to share
about nutrition and health.

Dr Casey will explain that Food plays an essential
role in the health of joints, muscles, and bones. He
will teach us how we can use proper nutrition to
achieve performance goals, reduce chances of
exercise injury and address sports injuries at home.

The talk takes place Sun, 3 Jul, at Genesis Health
Food Restaurant, at 1, Lorong Telok, S. 049014,
from 4.30pm. And, you guessed it, following the talk
is dinner at Genesis with the choice of either laksa
or lasagne, each accompanied by two sides. Our
last dinner at Genesis was sold out; so, please
don’t delay to visit
for details and to register.


How I Became a Vegetarian

Sutha Raman was recently elected to the VSS Exco.
This is the story of how she came to be a vegetarian.


I became a vegetarian at the age of 16, thanks to
a crab!

My mother used to buy live crabs from the wet
market to make crab soup. The crabs came in
brown paper bags with their claws tied up with
string. My mother had to use a chopper to slice
them into two while they were still alive and then
cut off the claws and throw them into boiling water
for them to die. This ensured we had fresh crabs
instead of frozen ones. I guess I was aware of this
process that the crabs had to go through but did not
really pay much attention to it, as my mother made
sure that my sisters and I did not witness such
gory details.

One day, my mother had a bag of crabs on the
kitchen floor, and I was helping her in the kitchen.
A crab managed to escape from the paper bag and crawled onto my foot when I was not looking. That incident freaked me out, and I did not touch the
crab soup that day. The crab (who was later
devoured by my family) changed my perspective
on life and diet. Up till then, the animals had always
been dead by the time I came in contact with them
(and honestly, my mother was such an excellent
cook that nothing else mattered).

The experience with the live crab enlightened me
to the fact that the animals whom I was eating
were once alive and had to be killed so that I could
eat them. I researched further. The information I
learned about slaughterhouse horrors sealed my
decision to give up meat. I have not looked back
since and am forever grateful to the crab who
stepped on my foot and opened my eyes on that day!



Some Funding for Survey on Diet in SG

In our 15 May, 2011 issue, we reported that we are
investigating doing a study of people's diets in SG.
We had read about surveys done in the UK and US.
We contacted the company that did this 2009
US poll: http://www.vrg.org/press/2009poll.htm.
They are happy to do something similar, with smaller
numbers, for us, for USD4000.

We have applied for funding. So far, Lee Foundation
has given SGD2000 for the project. Thus, we are
about SGD3000 short. If you'd like to help, please
make a targeted donation:




VSS Endorses Saddest Dolphins Campaign

ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education
Society) – www.acres.org.sg – does great work
educating for a world in which nonhuman animals
are justly treated by we human animals. For example,
ACRES advocates for plant based diets.

Recently, ACRES asked other orgs to support their
campaign – www.saddestdolphins.com – to ask
RWS to release the dolphins whom were captured
for a planned RWS dolphin exhibition. Of course,
we said Yes. Even though RWS isn't planning to
serve dolphin meat and even though dolphins are
not vegetarians, we support the campaign because
it speaks to humans' relationship with our fellow
animals. Are they on Earth just for us, or do they
have a right to live for their own purposes as well.



Supporting the Green Corridor

As you know, on 1 Jul, the railway lands that
have been owned by Malaysia revert to SG.
Our friends at Nature Society (Singapore) have
proposed that some of this land be used to form
a green corridor for recreational use by humans
and for survival and propagation by other animals,
as well as plants:

VSS has supported this campaign. For instance,
on 11 Jun, a VSS representative took part in a
hike along a section of the railroad. Later this year,
we hope to organise a hike of our own. Would you
like to help organise this: info@vss.sg



Bringing the Message to Bishan

Some secondary school students contacted us
about spreading the meat reduction message.
They had two plans: a talk to their schoolmates in
Term 3 and a booth at a community event in
Bishan on 11 Jun to be GoH-ed by Minster of
Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen. VSS gladly helped
with posters, flyers and stickers. Plus, we provided
feedback on the materials these creative and
industrious students had developed on their own.

The three most often cited grounds for meat
reduction are human health, environmental
protection and the welfare of the nonhuman
animals trapped in the factory farming system.
Usually the first two reasons take precedence
as the ones most likely to appeal to the public,
because health and environment mostly directly
impact us personally. Thus, it was a surprise to
see these students highlighting the animal welfare argument. In fact, some of them had attended the
SPCA Animal Welfare symposium on 19 Mar
this year – www.spca.org.sg/past.html – at which
VSS spoke.



The VSS InBox

It is difficult to defend factory farming, with its
incredible crowding and other horrors, such as
clipping off parts of the beaks of battery hens
(hens who are used for eggs and kept in cages).
In response, we now hear about such things as
Free Range Farming. Yes, the non-human
animals are still confined with the goal of using
them to supply food – meat, eggs, dairy –
for humans, but the claim is that the animals
are in more natural conditions, such as not
caged. Here's an email conversation we had
on the topic.


A reader wrote
You probably already know this but I just
discovered cruelty free range eggs in Singapore.

They are Freedom Eggs. I've never been able
to find free range eggs at the supermarket so
this was a good discovery as I never buy battery
farmed eggs.

If you haven't already told your newsletter readers
perhaps you could update them.

Hope this is helpful.

VSS replied
Thanks. I'll look into it. [We haven't looked into it yet.
Would anyone like to investigate?] I'm sceptical about
such claims, but it does show that awareness is
increasing. Thx again.

The reader replied
Yes, do let me know if they are not real cruelty
free eggs, I would be very angry as they are the
first eggs I have ever bought in Singapore in 8 years
because they say they are cruelty free. I bought
them at the supermarket.

In Australia, free range eggs are what most people
buy, and if you said they were free range (and
sold them as that) and they weren't, you would be
in big trouble and the consumers would go mad.

I was pleased to find them as it shows more kinder products are being sold in Singapore, like organic
and cruelty free skincare.



Smoothie Classes from LINS Smoodees

Adeline Tan is one of SG's foremost proponents
of Green Smoothies. She believes in their benefits
so strongly that she started her own shop to bring
them to those looking for a wise way to slake their
thirst and power their day: LINS Smoodees Bar &
Showroom, 18 Cross Street #B1-02, China Square
Central, Marsh & Mclennan Center (next to Cold
Storage), S. 048423.

Now, you can learn to make smoothies like Adeline
by attending one of her classes. A wide range of
dates are available at different times. The schedule
is at http://beta.linssmoodees.com/classes

For more info: 9007.8233, 6438.4123,



Eating for a Healthy Heart

WINGS (Women's Initiative for Aging Successfully) presents a Healthfriend workshop on eating to
achieve Heart Health. Here are the details.

The event begins with a talk that covers: What is
heart disease? What foods promote or prevent
heart disease? What are healing super foods for
a healthy heart? The talk is followed by a healthy
kitchen demo where the participants will taste
and sample these recipes:

• Kale, Pineapple & Ginger Smoothie
• Mediterranean Lentil Salad
• Heart Healthy Veggie Wraps
• Oat Bran Whole-wheat Fruit Muffins

Time: 3.30-5pm
Date: Wed, 22 Jun
Fee: $12 (members of WINGS), $14 (non-members)
Venue: Women's Initiative for Ageing Successfully
WINGS Training room, #06-05 Bishan J8 Office
Tower, S. 579837
T: 6250.1012
E: cynthia@wings.sg, www.wings.sg,



Want To Run a Veg Stall at SMU?

We were recently informed that there is a vacancy
in the Kou Fu food court inside the Singapore Management University located at Stamford Road.
Not only students, but also working adults from surrounding areas patronise the food court. There
is a discount in rental for a veg food stall. If you want
details, email wenjin@vegetarian-society.org



Vegetarianism Becoming Mainstream in the U.S.

The U.S. has a long way to go to catch up with
SG as good place for veg food, but as the following
story from ABC News suggests that big progress
has been made. BTW, as you can see in an earlier
article in this issue of VSS eNewsletter, VSS is
hoping to have a survey done here by the same
company that did the U.S. survey cited below.

Shortly after giving up meat in 1995, Jessica
Lindsey took a cross-country trip that gave her a
taste of what eating out was going to be like.

"Vegetarianism was still so fringe then that hardly
anyone outside of California knew what it meant,"
she says. "At one restaurant, the waitress told me
that the soups were vegetarian. She said that the
broth was from beef, and it contained chicken
pieces, but no meat!"

Today Lindsey rarely has such strange encounters. Vegetarianism is steadily becoming mainstream.
Roughly 6 to 8 million Americans are vegetarians,
according to the Vegetarian Resource Group-up
from a half million to 2 million in 1994. And they
have gotten smarter about their dining choices.
A generation ago, vegetarian meals were often
built around leaden nut loaves or uninspired
brown-rice casseroles.

Today, many vegetarians consider themselves
foodies and relish the challenge of finding recipes
that showcase fresh vegetables as a delicious
main course, flavored with herbs and spices.
More than 50 vegan cookbooks are set to be
published this year alone. "Vegetables are
becoming culinary rock stars," says Amanda
Cohen, owner of the vegetarian restaurant Dirt
Candy in New York City.

Read on...



Veg Classes by Shalu at Palate Sensations

Palate Sensations is a well established cooking
school now at a new location. Shalu is a newly
re-established vegetarian cooking instructor who
does classes there. Here are some of her
upcoming offerings.

Mon, 20 Jun, 7-10pm: Summer Salads & Soups
at Palate Sensations

This class is all about fresh, tasty salads and
chilled soups to keep you cool on a hot summer's
day. Not your typical green plates, but a great mix
of ingredients to create fabulous salads and soups
full of flavour!

Mon, 27 Jun, 7-10pm: Lao Vegetarian @ Palate Sensations
This is a great opportunity to learn more about
Lao food, which is so delicious but rarely seen
outside of Laos. Come join this special class and
open your mind to some fresh new flavours.

For more info: 9763.1483, shalua@hotmail.com



Introduction to Living Foods Mandarin Workshop

Linda Loo is well known to readers of this
newsletter. She's a raw food pioneer and, even
better, she combines food with yoga. Normally,
her classes are in English, but here's an opportunity
for those who prefer Mandarin to learn from Linda
on Sat, 16 Jul, 11am-1.30pm. Below is a brief
message from Linda.

Do you have a loved one who speaks Mandarin,
who wants to learn about healthy eating but is
clueless as to how and what to eat? By sharing
this Intro to Living Foods Workshop with your
loved one, you have an opportunity to transform
the person's choices on diet, reverse some
unpleasant health conditions and even extend a
life. Not only that, you get to create your own health
conscious family community – and that makes
eating healthy so much easier for yourself!

The only criteria is that the person coming for
the workshop must have the desire to change
the way he/she eats; otherwise any attempt to
impart skills, inspire and empower falls on
deaf ears.

Workshop Fee: S$168*
Includes: Mandarin Lecture on Living Foods,
Food Demo/Taste



Learn Why Sharks Belong in Seas, Not Bowls

Have you visited Science Centre's Planet Shark
Exhibition? Come in late Jun and in Jul, because
Project:FIN will be providing free guided tours
around the exhibits at 3pm every Sun till Aug.
Learn more at http://www.facebook.com/group.




Cooking with Halimah

Halimah first became famous on the SG veg
scene due to her cupcakes (pictured above).
They not only look great but taste great as well,
all without dairy or eggs. Next, Halimah became
even better known for her food blog – http://vegbuzz.blogspot.com – her work on
VegVibe magazine – www.vegvibe.com – and
her cooking classes at Robinsons and elsewhere.

Below is her latest class schedule.
Classes are held at Clementi Ave 4.
Visit https://www.facebook.com/Kalavira.
or http://vegbuzz.blogspot.com for
class schedule and photos, or email

10-1pm Muffins
• Green Tea
Almond Muffins
• Chocolate
Chip Muffins
$80, $75 for
early bird registration
(1 week prior)
Learn how to
make healthy
muffins for the
whole family
Let's Go the
Farm Cupcakes

Demo on
cupcake making

Learn how to
make farm animal designs in fondant, like cows, sheep, duck
$110, $100 for
early bird
(1 week prior)

10-1pm Classic Cakes
• Classic
Marble Cake
• Coconut
Pandan Cake
$80, $75 for
early bird
(1 week prior)
Learn how make
classic cakes
with traditional

• Chocolate
Fudge Cake
• Devil's Food Cake
$80, $75 for
early bird
(1 week prior)
Learn how make
two different
types of
chocolate cakes
with frosting.
Teatime Cakes
• Banana
Walnut Cake
• Blueberry Streusel Cake
$85, $80 for
early bird
(1 week prior)
Learn how make
favourite tea
time cakes with
real fruits that
the family will
Vegan Quiche
• Asparagus Quiche
with Brown
Rice Crust
• Spinach Mushroom
$80, $75 for
early bird
(1 week prior)
Learn how to
make healthy
quiche without
using eggs
and cheese.

Mike Tyson Promotes Veg

Former world heavyweight boxing champion
Mike Tyson is a vegan and recently promoted that
lifestyle in a powerful billboard on display in
Hollywood. Find out more at

Also, watch and read an interview with him at




Singaporean Opens Veg Café in Chiang Mai

A Singaporean, Paul Yeoh, has opened a raw veg
café in Chiang Mai: http://www.facebook.com/
Paul used to do raw food workshops in Singapore,
and the food was great.

One of Paul's most memorable workshops was
the one back in 2007 he did with VSS at the
Blood Bank on a special day to honour blood
donors. Paul put together some delicious food
loaded with iron. Here are two of the recipes.

Smoothie (from Paul – rawfoodcuisine@gmail.com)

1 red dragon fruit, peeled and chopped
1 ½ water
1 lime (large), green peel removed,
   white pith remaining
½ cup spearmint leaves, lightly packed
2⁄3 tsp ginger juice

Date-Almond Candy Balls
(from Paul – rawfoodcuisine@gmail.com)

¾ cup dates, pitted and packed
3⁄8 cup coconut oil, warmed to liquid
1 ½ cup almonds ground into a flour
½ cup almonds, chopped into rocky pieces
      in a dinner plate



Diabetes Overcome Via Plant Based Diet

This YouTube video features two people who
had been suffering from Type 2 diabetes and
dramatically improved after following their doctor's
advice and switching to a plant based diet:

As Dr Esselstyn said, many of our killer diseases –
heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes – are actually
one family of diseases linked to diet. Isn't it worth
a try, upon your doctor's consent, to switch to a
plant based diet – or as close as you can to one –
and see for yourself?



Eye Care Talk, Plus Dinner at Lotus

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant in Quality Hotel is
an impressive place to take visitors or family.
Here's a chance to combine dinner at Lotus with
an opportunity to learn from an expert about
eye health.

The Health & Community Ministry of Balestier
Road Seventh-day Adventist Church is organizing
a Health Talk cum Dinner.

Topic: Common Eye Diseases and Their Treatment
Speaker: Dr Alicia How, Consultant
Ophthalmologist, Singapore National Eye Centre
Date: Sun, 26 Jun
Time: 6.15-9pm
Venue: Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Quality Hotel
(Level 2), 201 Balestier Rd, S. 329926
Contact: Yuke Kertadjaja (6285-8261 / 9756 6588),
Clare Chew (9432 1791),
Catherine Tan (9653 4553), Lolabelle Wee
(93888 773),
Closing date: 20 Jun



Reopenings - Annalakshmi & NutriHub

Two pioneer veg restaurants are reopening in
new locations.

1. Annalakshmi, 20 Havelock Road, #01-04
Central Square, S. 059765.
Next to Ministry of
Manpower, 6339.9993,annagov@singnet.com.sg,

2. NutriHub, 46, Temple Street, S. 058591 in
Chinatown, 9236.98402,



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