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18 May 2011
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Learn More about VSS’s SG Veg Food Guide
2010 VSS Annual Report Now Online
VSS Talks Series 2011 Begins
Meeting w/ A*STAR’s Healthcare and Lifestyle
Survey on Diet in SG
Interviewed on Australia Radio
New Additions to the Food Outlets List
We Have Our First Intern
Exchanging with the Kind Exchange
The VSS InBox


NutriHub To Relocate
Local Veg Blog in Chinese
‘The Veg School’ Up and Running
New Branch of Gokul at Fortune Centre
And, Yet One More in Bugis
Legumes Speak To Us - Short Video
New Issue of VegVibe
Holistic Wellness Symposium

So many activities; so few people to make them happen. VSS needs you! Write to us here if you'd like to volunteer. Thanks.
Dr George M Jacobs

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Learn More about VSS’s SG Veg Food Guide

VSS recently published a new edition of our Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide: http://www.vegetarian-
. This is in addition to the veg eatery listing on our website and our iPhone app: http://mobyfab.com/blog/vss-foodguide-is-

1. How did VSS come up with the idea of a Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide?
Credit must go to STB (Singapore Tourism Board) for this. Demand for veg food, especially among Indian and Chinese tourists, led STB to approach us with the idea.

2. What are the features and parts of the food guide, and how is it organised?
Probably 90% or more of local veg restaurants are featured, as well as a select few non-veg eateries (that have a large veg selection). Readers tell us that the way it is organised - by districts - makes it easy to find outlets in their area. The current edition also has an index, so you can find restaurants by name.

3. Putting together a food guide is a big job.
How did you manage to do it?

It was a huge effort indeed, but we had a great team of enthusiastic veg foodies who went around Singapore visiting and reviewing 100+ restaurants.

4. Does VSS make money or lose money on the food guide?
Hopefully, we are able to break even. Hopefully, people will buy copies for their friends. It also supports the veg eateries, many of whom struggle to cover their overhead.

5. How is the guide distributed?
We work with Pansing, a book and magazine distributor, who distributes the guide to most major bookstores, such as Borders and Kinokuniya. The booklet is also available online (minimum order is 4 copies). One more place to find the Food Guide is at Whole Earth restaurant.

6. This year, you came out with a new edition. What was the process? Was it easier than doing the original?
It was a little easier, but by no means a walk in the park. Fortunately, the good feedback, and seeing the guide enjoyed by readers, makes all the effort worth it.


2010 VSS Annual Report Now Online

Review VSS activities from 2010 at
http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/1317 and be inspired to help make 2011 even better. All the many events and activities we did last year required human energy and donations. Be among the people who power ahead our life saving actions in 2011.


VSS Talks Series 2011 Begins

As you can see in our 2010 Annual Report last year, we had a series of talks at public libraries. This year, our talks are off to a late start because of Dr Esselstyn’s visit.

Our first VSS Talk of 2011 will be at the same place we held our AGM, Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle Centre, near Aljunied MRT.

Title: Naturopthic Approach to Vibrant Health
1. What is Naturopathy?
2. Naturopathic approach to achieving vibrant health
3. Guidelines, tips on achieving vibrant health through holistic lifestyle

Speaker: Ketki Vinayachandra runs her own clinic and is a trained Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist. She practices acute homeopathy and is a certified Reiki Master: http://www.alternative-naturalmedicine.


Day: Sun, 29 May
Time: 11am-12.15pm
Place: Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre,
Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, S. 380106

Tel: 6742.6627
Price: Free, reservation preferred but not required
Bonus: After the talk, you can purchase a tasty, healthy and filling plant based organic lunch at Kampung Senang’s kitchen. Reservation and advance payment required.



Meeting w/ A*STAR’s Healthcare and Lifestyle

On 3 May, two VSS members met with an officer of A*STAR’s Healthcare and Lifestyle Programme, 61 Biopolis Drive. A*STAR is expanding its food research. For instance, they are involved in the 2011 opening of a Clinical Nutrition Lab at NUS as part of the Singapore Institute of Clinical Studies to do controlled studies of nutrition.

A*STAR also works on research on food manufacturing, such as how manufacturing can maximize the availability of nutrients; just because a nutrient is there in the factory doesn’t mean it’s there when we eat the food.

VSS shared some of our international contacts for doing nutrition/health research, such as Professor T Colin Campbell and Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. both of whom VSS helped bring to SG to speak to health experts and the public, as well as Dr Duo Li, professor of Nutrition at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou and editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Prof Li is chairing the Asia Vegetarian Congress this Nov in Hangzhou.

We also talked to the A*STAR staff member about B12, more complete food labelling and about doing things with schools. She suggested that we try to work more with HPB.



Survey on Diet in SG

Journalists, researchers, students and others often ask VSS, “How many vegetarians are there in SG, and has that number increased?” The only honest answer we can give is that we don’t know, although we suspect that the number of vegetarians is increasing.

We say, “We don’t know” in part because there are many definitions of “vegetarian”, and before we can say how many vegetarians there are, first we need to decide what a vegetarian is. Most importantly, we need a credible way to count vegetarians.

Here’s an idea. We’ve read about surveys done in the UK and US. We contacted the company that did this 2009 US poll: http://www.vrg.org/press/2009poll.htm. They would be happy to do something similar, with smaller numbers, for us. For USD4000, they will do an email poll with 300 randomly stratified people.

If you’d like to help, please make a targeted donation:


Interviewed on Australia Radio

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is an old children’s rhyme, but maybe words are more powerful than we think. Maybe the words we use both reflect and affect what we do.

Recently, a VSS Exco member was interviewed earlier this month on Australia radio on the topic of the use of ‘who’ instead of ‘which’ when referring to nonhuman animals, as in the sentence, “The chickens who were slaughtered today were probably less than six weeks old”.

You can listen to the interview online at
www.abc.net.au/rn/linguafranca. Look for the ‘who/which project’.



New Additions to the Food Outlets List

We rely on folks like your good self to update the Food Outlets page on the VSS website:
http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl. The page boasts more than 500 vegetarian stalls and restaurants. Places are constantly opening, closing, relocating, changing hours, etc.

Fortunately, lots of people help VSS to do the huge job of updating the list. For example, recently, a kind reader alerted us to two veg stalls, both on Ubi Avenue, that were missing from the list:
http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/1533 and
http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/1534 and another in Boon Lay:



We Have Our First Intern

Interns provide organisations with youthful, low cost energy, and being an intern can be a great experience for a young person, especially being an intern with VSS, where interns do meaningful, life saving work and get to meet lots of friendly, dedicated people. However, being an intern isn’t easy: pay is very low, and because VSS has no office, our interns need to be self starters.

Thus, it’s too bad that VSS took so long to engage our first intern, who started on 3 May and serves until end July. Fortunately, our intern, an SMU student, is a real gem: well-organised, energetic and friendly. We hope to have more interns in the future.



Exchanging with the Kind Exchange

VSS is always keen to find people with skills and the willingness to devote their time to educating the public about the many benefts of eating less or no meat. Thus, we were glad to attend an ‘Event of Feelgoodness’ by The Kind Exchange @ Studio M Hotel. The Kind Exchange’s mission is to link skilled professionals with community groups: http://www.thekindexchange.com

A VSS member and our intern (see the above article) enthusiastically participated in the evening of warm exchange - getting to know other non-profit organisations and volunteers, as well as introducing VSS to the Kind Exchange community.

It was a fruitful event where we found many like-minded individuals, many of whom were already veg or keen on exploring it. Participants were very impressed with the literature VSS offers, such as our Meat Less In Singapore guide, our Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide and our New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook.



The VSS InBox

As you may have noticed, VSS has adverts on our website and some of our publications. This revenue aids our education efforts. Here’s an email we received from a company wishing to advertise with us. If you know others: info@vss.sg

My name is Isaac Chow and I am Marketing Executive from Four Seasons Organic Market. We are retail stores which offer a wide range of natural and organic groceries and produce. Vegetarians are certainly a targeted customer profile for us and we would like to check with you how can we work further.

Could you please share with us your advertising platforms and cost, also your website traffic and subscriptions number and demographic. Also, would it be possible if we can organise events like vegetarian food cooking classes etc.
Hope to hear from you soon.



NutriHub To Relocate

In mid-Jun, 2011, NutriHub, a prime location for organic veg food, is moving out of Cuppage Plaza to a new home at 46, Temple Street near Chinatown MRT.

Their last day at Cuppage Plaza will be 31 May. Till then, they are having a Clearance Sale. Those of you who have their Meal Voucher are advised to use it up before 31 May, as they won’t be accepted at their new location.

Vacancy Available at their new Chinatown outlet:

Part timers wanted - Singaporean / PR willing to work on rotating shift and weekends as Cook / Cafe Asst.
For enquiry/interview, contact Vinitha, 9236.8402.

NutriHub’s Dine & Learn classes will proceed at their Cuppage Plaza location in May.

Sat 21 May, 2.30-5pm, “Raw like Cooked™ - Series I”

Sat 21 May, 10.30am-12.30pm, “Harmonising Your Body Energy II”


For details and registration: Vinitha, 9236.8402,



Local Veg Blog in Chinese

Here’s a veg health blog in Chinese -
http://yingyangshuguo.blogspot.com - written by a local nutritionist, and here’s something about her:

Ms Ng Hooi Lin holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Master in Sports Science. She joined the Singapore Heart Foundation team as Nutritionist in 2008 and is heavily involved in both community and school nutrition programmes where she plans and implements educational programmes in the area of heart health and nutrition. In addition, Hooi Lin also provides individual counselling services to clients.

Her experience with the media extends to radio and television where she has been interviewed on numerous occasions by Radio 1003, Capital 958, 972FM, Channel 8 as well as by dailies such as Lianhe ZaoBao and My Paper. She hopes to use her blog to support the nutrition education of tech savvy Mandarin speakers.



‘The Veg School’ Up and Running

With the opening of The Veg School (TVS). SG has a new venue for learning about why and how to eat less or no meat. The official website is


TVS is now accepting online student registration and course sign-ups, with its first module to begin at Central Library on 2 Oct.

You can learn more at



And, here from TVS is a link on why dairy may not be so good for our health:




New Branch of Gokul at Fortune Centre

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant is a long time Little India favourite, a place where one prominent vegetarian likes to take his non-veg friends and acquaintances to wow them with the tastiness of veg dishes.

Gokul is still in Little India, and now, they have a second outlet, on Level 1 of Fortune Centre, joining the many other veg eateries in that famous building, one of SG’s veg oases. For details:



And, Yet One More in Bugis

Poor meateaters! Soon, they won’t be able to find any places to eat in Bugis, as 2011 has seen the opening of yet another veg restaurant there. Honzen Café is at 470 North Bridge Road #01-01 North Bridge Road Commercial Complex, S. 188735. For details:



Legumes Speak To Us - Short Video

Here’s a clever, two minute video (in French with English subtitles also) produced by our friends in Quebec, Canada. The title is ‘Legumes Speak To Us’, and the legumes have a lot to say about the harm we do by eating meat: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c3MArAH4sA

Watching the video is also a good education about the tremendous variety of legumes. For more info, Stéphane Groleau, veganquebec@yahoo.ca



New Issue of VegVibe

VegVibe is SG’s only vegetarian magazine. It appears at no cost every two months online -
http://vegvibe.com/VegVibeMay11.pdf - and in print.

The print edition is available, while supplies last, at a wide variety of partner locations around the island: http://vegvibe.com/vegvibeprint.html

So many good articles in the current edition, including ones on Kampung Senang, the SPCA’s animal welfare symposium for kids, veg food in San Francisco (host city for the 2012 IVU World Vegetarian Congress) and abandoned companion animals, plus the usual mouth-watering recipes and restaurant reviews. Finally, don’t miss the VSS ad, hosted at no charge by our friends at VegVibe.



Holistic Wellness Symposium

The Holistic Wellness Symposium is an annual event organised by Kampong Senang’s Eco-Harmony Global Network Ltd as an outreach initiative to heighten the general public’s awareness of the importance of holistic wellness in our everyday life and of the need to care for our environment. This year, the event will be held on 30 August, on Level 5 of the Singpost Bldg, next to Paya Lebar MRT.

Healing is the central theme that runs through the Symposium. There will also be a mini holistic fair for participants to learn more about the upcoming workshops and programmes at Kampong Senang, purchase organic food items, such as healthy burgers and salads.

The dual-language Symposium comprises two sessions, the English session in the morning from 8am to 1pm and the Chinese session in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 6pm. The English session will feature a panel of four Singaporean speakers who will share their personal “healing” stories and various ways of healing from “East-West Approach to Healing”, “Awaken Your Healing Power”, “Mindful Living: Your Key to Healing and Abundance” and “Mother Nature and Holistic Wellness”.

In the Mandarin session, Mr Low Chip Khoon will share about global warming. There are also three international speakers, namely, Dr Huang Dingyin (Taiwan), Ms Shi Ru Jun (Taiwan) and Mr Wang Zhijian (China). Dr Huang Dingyin will focus his presentation on “heart empowerment” and teach participants how to realise success in every dimension of life through his “heart empowerment” techniques. Ms Shi Ru Jun will also inject refreshing perspectives on how to eradicate mental and heart “blockages” in order to improve the overall well-being of oneself. Dr Wang Zhijian will impart his expertise on a series of special breathing techniques that aids healing

For info and to register:



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