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1 February 2011
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The ‘Must Attend’ Health Talk of 2011
VSS Food Guide App Free Till 28 Feb
Join VSS in Supporting Shark Fin Campaign
VSS AGM – 12 March
Heal the Earth – A Beautiful Day at Marina Bay
The VSS InBox

Learn From and Help Rabbits
Five CNY Recipes
Interview with Prof Campbell of ‘The China Study’
Vegan Pregnancy for Hollywood Actress
Soy Ice Cream at Bugis Junction
Good News, Amigos – Veg Burritos at Raffles City
The Vegan Trend in the US
Ami's Veggie Heart – Cooking Classes

Singapore's Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan and former US President Bill Clinton were both inspired by his work. This Mar, come meet Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.
Dr George M Jacobs

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The ‘Must Attend’ Health Talk of 2011

VSS is delighted to host the SG visit of renowned heart health researcher and plant-based diet advocate,
Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. Dr Esselstyn’s visit includes talks to doctors, media interviews and this public talk.

Sun, 27 Mar, 2.30–5.30pm

DBS Auditorium Level 3
6 Shenton Way, DBS Building Tower One
Singapore 068809

Early Bird (before 22 Feb 2011)
VSS members* & senior citizens (65 and above) - $15
Non-VSS members - $20

After 22 Feb 2011
All tickets - $30

To purchase tickets, write to VSS here. Payment can be made online or by cheque. More details here.



VSS Food Guide App Free Till 28 Feb

We are happy to announce that the VSS Food Guide is be available for FREE from Jan 28 to Feb 28, 2011. The app is available for download on iTunes at http://j.mp/cZnXk2 We’d like to thank MobyFab, the company that developed the app: http://mobyfab.com.

If you use the app and like it, pls consider writing a review in iTunes. That would be one incentive for keeping it free.

VSS's iphone app is on a list of the 10 most useful SG iphone apps:



Join VSS in Supporting Shark Fin Campaign

Our friends at Project Fin are doing a campaign entitled, Celebrate Chinese New Year with No Shark Fin Soup. VSS, ACRES and other orgs have signed up to support. Find out what you can do at:

Chinese Version.

English Version


VSS AGM – 12 March

VSS will be holding its AGM on Sat, 12 Mar, 2-5pm at the Aljunied home of our friends Kampung Senang, Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, S. 380106, 6749 8509. The agenda includes VSS’s annual report, plans for 2011 and election of officers, which is held every two years.

To enliven the event, health expert Mayura Mohta will be giving a talk and demo, ‘Top Energy Foods You Must Eat Regularly’. Plus, we will enjoy food from Kampung Senang’s organic kitchen. Anyone is welcome to attend, but, of course, only members can vote:


Heal the Earth – A Beautiful Day at Marina Bay

Sun, 23 January was a beautiful day to celebrate the many ways we can protect the beauty of nature. VSS was fortunate to join others at the Veggie Thursday –
www.veggiethursday.sg - booth of the Heal the Earth event at Marina Barrage. About 1500 flyers were distributed, and many signed up to receive the weekly tips that Veggie Thursday will start sending out later this month.

The VSS InBox

We recently received the following email:
Hi, I have recently purchased a box of Knorr stock cubes, sold as "The Vegetable Cube". However, on reading the list of ingredients on the box (in very small print), I see that beef is included in the flavouring!!! I have sent an email to the company to register my complaint of this, as I feel it is VERY mis-leading to have a product named as such, but which in fact, contains meat! I thought you would like to be aware of this.

Learn From and Help Rabbits

As we enter the Year of the Rabbit, our friends at House Rabbit Society (Singapore) - http://www.hrss.net - inform us that our hopping fellow vegetarians are in trouble. Too many people are buying rabbits and then abandoning them.

HSR needs caring humans to foster or adopt rabbits. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fellow vegetarian sharing your home?


Five CNY Recipes

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Joinrview with Prof Campbell of ‘The China Study’

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HealIce Cream at Bugis Junctionpan>

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The News, Amigos – Veg Burritos at Raffles City

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The VSS I Trend in the USpan>

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The s Veggie Heart – Cooking Classes

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