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1 January 2011
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Looking Forward to 2011
Heal the Earth Postponed to 23 Jan
The VSS InBox

Post-Holiday Detox Nutrition Workshop
Lunar New Year Classes from NutriHub
Meat Demand Hit by Media Coverage
Vegelah: Veg Website in Malaysia
Book on Promoting Change
How To Convince Family Members
Green Corridor
More Classes from Chef Oh
Is Global Warming Really Happening?

VSS wishes you and all our fellow beings, the best of Health and Happiness in 2011.
Happy New Year!
Dr George M Jacobs

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Looking Forward to 2011

What does VSS have planned for 2011? We will continue our efforts to educate the public on the many benefits of moving away from meat and towards a more plant based diet. These efforts include public talks and exhibitions; food classes, demos and workshops; publications, both print and electronic; outdoor and social events, including trips; and work with students, including our free student membership scheme:

To take these efforts to the new heights we need to reach, one more ingredient is needed: You. Your skill, your energy, your smile can make a big difference. And, if you don’t have time, please donate:

Happy 2011 Everyone!


Heal the Earth Postponed to 23 Jan

Heal the Earth’, a celebration of everything green -
http://www.healtheearth.com.sg - has been postponed to Sun, 23 Jan and moved to Sengkang, due to problems with permits.

The VSS InBox

VSS received an email and a blog entry from a Google employee in the U.S. whose parents live in Singapore. The blog entry describes the health benefits experienced by the blogger and his family after switching to the kind of plant based diet advocated by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn.
The entry is at http://blog.rhandeev.org (2 Oct 2010 entry).

Post-Holiday Detox Nutrition Workshop

Mayura Mohta, founder of the social enterprise Healthfriend, and a biochemist and microbiologist, will teach about Detox Foods and Nutrients, followed by a health kitchen session on rejuvenating and revitalizing detox foods, including a demonstration of healthy organic and natural food recipes.

The proceeds from this workshop will go to the Mother and Child Project supported by Primetime Outreach.

Date: Tue, 25 Jan
Time: 7-9pm
Place: 329 River Valley Road, Yong An Park, Tembusu #10-01, S. 238361
Tel: 8139 9441 (pls reserve by 21 Jan)
Price: Healthfriend member $40; Guest $50


Lunar New Year Classes from NutriHub

NutriHub in Cuppage Plaza, #B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint) is offering a Lunar New Year cooking class, Sat 8 Jan or 15 Jan, 2.30pm - 4.30pm, $60 inclusive of lunch. Learn how to make simple, nutritious meals & raw foods for your Lunar New Year celebration.

For registration/enquiries/orders, contact Ms Vinitha Ang at 9-2368402


Meat Demand Hit by Media Coverage

Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is grown, and a recent study shows that media coverage of animal welfare issues does have an impact on demand for meat.

The study, that involved a search of U.S. newspapers and magazines from 1982 to 2008, suggested that media attention to animal welfare issues has not directly impacted beef demand. It did, however, reduce pork and poultry demand (...)

The research found that increased media attention caused a reallocation of consumers’ expenditures to nonmeat food rather than a reallocation of expenditures across competing meat products...

Please support VSS’s effort to help people learn the truth about where our meat comes from:


Vegelah: Veg Website in Malaysia

‘Vegelah’ is a great name for a veg website:
www.vegelah.com. So far, there doesn’t seem to be much there other than a homepage, but who knows what 2011 will bring?

Book on Promoting Change

‘Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us about Promoting Social Change’ is a new book

Here’s an excerpt:

Merely asking someone if they intend to do something can influence their likelihood of doing it.

In a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, approaching people (in the USA) the day before an election and asking if they planned to vote increased voter turnout in that group by twenty-five percentage points (eighty-seven percent compared to sixty-two percent) (Greenwald et al. 1987). In another study, residents of Bloomington, Indiana (USA) were drastically more likely to volunteer time with the American Cancer Society (thirty-one percent vs. four percent) if a few days earlier they'd been asked whether they would hypothetically consider volunteering with the ACS.

Asking someone's intention to do something only increases their probability of doing it when they say they are likely to do it. When someone believes they're unlikely to do something, asking them their intention will make them even less likely to do it. The reason that asking intent often leads to an overall increase in the action being done is because people often over–predict how likely they are to do something. In the studies above, because of social norms nearly everyone answered yes when asked if they would volunteer with a cancer society or vote in an election. Once they'd said yes, they were then more likely to do so. That's why asking their intent led to higher rates of volunteering and voting.


How To Convince Family Members

It’s nice when our family members are also vegetarian, but many times things don’t work out that way. Here are some suggestions on what to do:

If you have other suggestions, please send them to info@vss.sg Success stories are also welcome. Thx.


Green Corridor

Nature Society (Singapore) recently submitted a proposal, ‘The Green Corridor: A Proposal to Keep the Railway Lands as a Continuous Green Corridor’, to the government. NSS proposes to retain the current KTM Railway Land as a Green Corridor after the train operations cease on 1 Jul 2011. The proposal can be downloaded at www.nss.org.sg/doc/TheGreenCorridor101103.pdf (2MB).

If you support the proposal, here's how you can help:

1) Show Your Support

Visit the Facebook page "We support The Green Corridor in Singapore" at
http://www.facebook.com/thegreencorridor and 'Like' the page. Share your thoughts or photos at the page.

2) Learn More

Read more about The Green Corridor proposal at
www.nss.org.sg/doc/TheGreenCorridor101103.pdf. Join walks along the railway lands (watch for event updates on Facebook).


More Classes from Chef Oh

Chef Oh Chong Fah has another set of classes to help us start 2011 the right way.

1. Hands On Organic Vegan Cookies Workshop
Date & Time: 9 Jan Sun 3-6pm, 16 Jan Sun 10am-1pm, 21 Jan Fri 7-10pm

2. Preparation of CNY2011 Dishes
Date & time: 8 Jan, Sat, 10am-1pm, 14 Jan, Fri, 7-10pm, 16 Jan, Sun, 3-6pm, 23 Jan, Sun, 10am-1pm

3.Supercharged with RAW ENERGY for CNY - Secret of Salad Dressings
Session 1 Date: 22 Jan, Sat, 3-6pm
Session 2 Date: 29 Jan, Sat, 3-6pm

4. Celebrating with Vegan Wines - Special workshop on homemade wine making
Date & time: 9 Jan, Sun, 10am-1pm, 22 Jan, Sat, 10am-1pm

5. Hands-on Wholesome Bakery
Date:15 Jan, Sat, 3-6:30pm

6. Supermarket Tour and Indian Vegetarian Food @ Little India
Date & time: 2 Jan, Sun, 10am-1pm

For details,
or contact info@wholesomeliving-sg.com


Is Global Warming Really Happening?

Given heavy snows in Europe and elsewhere, some people are wondering whether global warming can be real, or are vegetarians who warn that we must reduce meat consumption just scare mongers.
The reality is that 2010 will probably be among the three warmest years on record, and 2001 through 2010 the warmest decade on record. Read more at


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