Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - Japanese with Catherina

19/06/2010 14:00
19/06/2010 16:00
Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian!
Japanese with Catherina

  Venue: Spottiswoode Park*
Date & time: Sat 19th June, 2 – 4pm
Fee: $40 (VSS members)
$50 (non members)
Limited to 20 persons

Catherina Hosoi is a well-known personality in the local culinary scene, having hosted the longest running radio cooking program as well as a three year TV cooking program.

A frequent judge at food competitions, Catherina is enthusiastic about sharing her passion. She believes that ‘a culture is embodied in its cuisine, so what better way to experience a culture than through preparing and enjoying food?’

Learn the fine art of Japanese cooking with celebrity chef Catherina Hosoi. These special recipes feature Goboh (Burdock,) – which is known for its blood cleansing properties – and are as healthy as they are delicious:

  • Sweet Serenity
    A tasty and simple beverage for the family – Goboh purifies the blood, Honey Dates help to de-stress the nervous system (leading to more peaceful sleep) and Longan boosts your ‘Qi’.
  • Kimpira Temaki Rice
    Japanese housewives prepare this dish often – always a favourite with the family and a delectable way to get enough fibre.
  • Daikon Gyoza
    Simply oishii (delicious) – this healthful dumpling dish has none of the fat, but every bit of the taste of its meat-filled counterpart. Let Catherina share her secret recipe with you.
  • Kenchin Jiru Soup
    A traditional Japanese soup with lots of wonderful, nourishing veggies including either Yamaimo (Mountain Yam) or Nagaimo (Wai-San in Mandarin) (depending on availability).
  • Almond Oatmeal Cake
    Catherina’s latest treat - a delightful, crunchy vegan pastry with a rich herbal fragrance.

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