Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - Living Foods

08/05/2010 14:00
08/05/2010 16:30

Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - Living Foods
  Venue: Jalan Binchang*
Date & time: Sat 8th May, 2pm – 4.30pm
Fee: $40 (VSS members)
$50 (non members)
Limited to 20 persons

Maria Rivarola qualified as a gourmet raw vegan chef at the renowned "Living Light Culinary Arts Institute" in California, and completed a number of certificates in plant-based nutrition in the USA. Vegan for over 20 years, she has been sharing her passion for healthy, vibrant and compassionate living through her food demos and talks around Asia and Latin America.

Learn how varied, exciting, easy and delectable raw foods cuisine can be - a true celebration of our aliveness through the most wholesome, delicious and energy-giving foods nature has already prepared to perfection!

  • Basic Nut 'Milk'
    An excellent alternative to dairy milk or packaged and processed soy and rice milks. Can be used with cereal, tea, and anywhere "milk" is needed.
  • Basic Nut 'Cheeze'
    Deliciously nutritious and abundant in enzymes. A probiotic for optimal health.
  • Living Lasagna
    Succulent layers of marinated mushrooms, almond ricotta, spinach, zucchini and marinara sauce.
  • Mexican Tacos
    Fresh green tacos filled with a crumbled nut 'meat' of heart-healthy walnut and spices, and topped with fresh salsa.
  • Cherry Brownie
    This raw version of the regular brownie is filling, packed with powerful antioxidants and tastes heavenly.
  • Lemon Pie
    Surprise and tantalize your taste buds with this irresistible raw pie. An all-time favourite.

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