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9 January 10
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Vegetarian Singles Night in Aid of VSS
and Post Museum – 15 Jan

VSS Launches Seeds of Hope Campaign
Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - CNY Fortune Cooking
- 16 Jan

Asia for Animals Conference in Sg – 15-19 Jan
Letter by VSS Member in ST and TNP

Haute Cuisine Restaurant Launches
Meatless Mondays – 11 Jan

January 2010 Dine & Learn Workshops at NutriHub
New Year Goodies Galore
Interested in Attending Raw Food Potlucks?
Antibiotics in Factory Farming
Founder of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary on Okto

Here's a fun and fruitful way to help the veg cause - Veggie Singles Night on 15th Jan. Be warned though, bringing the wrong fruit may bear undexpected consequences!
Dr George M Jacobs

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Vegetarian Singles Night in Aid of VSS and Post Museum – 15 Jan

Fri, 15 Jan, 8.30pm-midnight, Food #3 at 109 Rowell Road is the venue for a Veggie Singles Night: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=

With Valentines Day looming, this is the perfect opportunity to find yourself a date, contributing to the greater causes of vegetarianism and environmentalism in the process! Entry is free and part proceeds of all food and beverages go to Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and Food#03!
Omnivores are certainly welcome, as long as you are keen to pledge to having one vegetarian day a week (or three meals a week - breakfast is not counted!)
A menu featuring a variety of finger food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks will be available on the night to lubricate your five senses!
Bring a fruit/veg to indicate your gender preference! Carry a long fruit/veg if you prefer men, or a round fruit/veg if you prefer women!
For people of all persuasions. Veg interested please apply! 50 people have already registered.


VSS Launches Seeds of Hope Campaign

VSS has many plans for making 2010 the year when even more people take life-saving steps towards eating less or no meat. These plans require funds, and to sweeten your gift giving, we are offering a premier membership package to those who sign up for a Giro donation of $5 or more per month. That’s less than 20 cents a day.
Details at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/1242

Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - CNY Fortune Cooking - 16 Jan

The Chngs have been serving up tantalising vegetarian treats for almost 15 years! Now let them show you how to ring in wealth and good health with their sumptious New Year Specials.
Venue: 67 Spottiswoode Park Road (3 storey shophouse, nearest MRT is Outram)
Date & time: Sat 16 Jan 2010, 2pm – 5pm
Fee: $40 (VSS members)
$50 (non member)

Just a few places left, so do register now if you're interested. More details here.


Asia for Animals Conference in Sg – 15-19 Jan

VSS is proud to give a talk at the Animals for Asia conference, 15-19 Jan, at Furama Hotel. Our friends at ACRES are organising this event, and people from many Asian countries will be participating: www.asiaforanimals.org
One outstanding feature of the conference will be its optimistic focus. Rather than listening to long talks about the many problems that we humans are causing for our fellow animals, the conference will focus on what people are doing and can do to improve the situation. For instance, there will be a workshop on Running Effective Education Outreach Programmes.


Letter by VSS Member in ST and TNP

The following letter by a VSS member appeared in the online versions of The Straits Times and The New Paper, plus The New Paper’s print edition of 7 Jan.
Step up to the climate change challenge
IT IS always tragic when politics gets in the way of saving humanity from its own wrongdoings. However, whether or not governments do their share to ease global warming, we can as individuals still step up to the climate change challenge.
This can be as simple as switching to a plant-based diet. Livestock agriculture is one of the biggest culprits in the emission of greenhouse gases because it is an inefficient way of using resources. We need to feed many kilos of plants to feed the animals which we later eat.
The grain we feed to livestock could feed all the approximately one billion people on our planet who have not enough to eat. By not consuming meat, we can help tackle global warming and ease world hunger at the same time.
Taking our own bags when shopping and recycling as much as we can is not enough to save this planet. Tackling climate change should be part of our lifestyle and this includes our dietary choices.
If a global treaty cannot be agreed upon by governments and the bigger corporations, then individuals should take it upon themselves to do what we can.
Our children and the future generations who will inherit this planet should not be burdened with an uninhabitable planet that we could have saved now.
American anthropologist Margaret Mead was right when she said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Imagine the depth of positive changes if a large group of thoughtful, committed citizens decide to make tackling climate change part of their everyday lifestyle.
Nuraishah Athly (Miss)


Haute Cuisine Restaurant Launches Meatless Mondays – 11 Jan

Shibaken, an elegant Japanese-French fusion restaurant at Level 2 of Gallery Hotel (1 Nanson Road near Robertson Quay) -
http://www.galleryhotel.com.sg/html/indulge_shibaken.html - joins the international movement towards eating less meat by launching Meatless Mondays on Mon, 11 Jan.
The restaurant, helmed by a French vegetarian has veg restaurant experience in Hanoi and Bangkok, is open 12pm-3pm and 6.30pm onward. For info or reservations: 6836.1613, shibaken.sylvie@yahoo.com.sg
They are offering ala carte and sets. Many of the dishes are vegan. Shibaken membership cards are free to veg customers in Jan (normally, registration is $60). This card entitles holders to a 30% rebate for each $100 spend. Some of the veg dishes are also available on other days.


January 2010 Dine & Learn Workshops at NutriHub

NutriHub - the Organic Fusion Café at Cuppage Plaza, #B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint (6738.2746, www.nutrihub.blogspot.com) is offering another round of their Dine & Learn workshops. Details can be found on their blog.
Dates are Sat, 16, 23 and 30 Jan. Discounts for VSS members. To register, call or sms Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236.8402.

New Year Goodies Galore

With Chinese New Year approaching, veg eateries are offering up all sorts of mouth watering goodies. More and more vegan baked good are available, such as those from Genesis Health Food Restaurant: www.genesishealthfood.blogspot.com, 9145.4218.
Check your favourite veg eateries to see what treasures they harbour: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl

Interested in Attending Raw Food Potlucks?

More people are experimenting with adding more raw food to their diets. One way to meet fellow raw food experimenters is by attending a potluck. To learn more, contact: michelleayn@gmail.com
Sorry, Elvis won’t be there, but perhaps you can honour him with a karaoke session afterwards.

Antibiotics in Factory Farming

Here’s more evidence of the dangers posed by the large scale use of antibiotics in factory farming: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091229/ap_on_he_me/


Founder of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary on Okto

Raymund Wee, founder of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in JB (VSS arranged for a visit there once) will be featured on Okto’s Different Faces programme on Mon, 11 Jan, 9.30pm. http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com
BTW, our friends at Singapore Vegetarian Meetup are in the midst of arranging a visit to the Animal Lovers League shelter, Pets Villa, in Pasir: http://www.animalloversleague.com/?p=44
To join Singapore Vegetarian Meetup (non-vegetarians are most welcome):


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