Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - Lila's Delightful Desserts!

12/12/2009 14:00
12/12/2009 17:00

Please note that Lila's desserts class is now full and registration has closed. We hope to repeat it sometime next year so do look out for the announcement. Thanks for your interest!

Anyone Can Cook Vegetarian! - Lila's Delightful Desserts!

  Venue: Second Ave*
Date & time: Sat 12 Dec 2009, 2pm – 5pm
Fee: $40 (VSS members)
$50 (non member)
Limited to 20 persons

When martial arts instructor Lila Evrard isn't showing students how to subdue an opponent, she's making friends surrender to her sweet creations! Join her this December and learn her vegan sweet secrets!

  • Mango Dream
    More like a smoothie, this tastes and looks just wonderful. Mango and Coconut lovers get ready for an absolute treat!
    The simple ingredients include mangoes and coconut cream.
  • Chocolate Cake
    An all-time favorite vegan cake, using luscious dark chocolate, of course.
  • Coco-Choco Cookies
    A heavenly combination of coconut and chocolate, these healthy, low fat, low sugar, egg and dairy free cookies are a sheer delight!.
  • Lemon and Apricot Muffins
    Another sublime combination - scent of lemon and perfume of apricot. Marvellous muffins perfect for tea time.
  • What is Christmas without a gift?

    A sweet surprise patisserie, specially for participants!

"I discovered my passion for cooking after I met my husband. I guess love had a lot to do with it. :) I would recall the wonderful flavours of my mother's and grandmother's cuisine and create something reminiscent yet new." - Lila Evrard

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Limited to 20 participants, so please register early. (Reservation is confirmed upon payment.)
*Complete address will be provided upon registration.

Payment can be made online or by cheque.
Make secure online payment here:

Cheques should be made payable to 'Vegetarian Society (Singapore)'
Mailing address:
3 Pemimpin Drive,
#07-02, Lip Hing Building,
Singapore 576147

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