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6 October 2009
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Get in on the Climate Action! - 24 Oct
Next Library Talk:
‘Anti-Aging through Anti-Oxidant Foods’

Pls Share Your Story, ‘
Eating Less or No Meat Improved My Health’

Just a Few Places Left for Tanjung Sutera Trip
Cycling on Palau Ubin - 1 Nov
Brown Rice: Vegetarians Take the Lead
What’s VSS Up To?

New Name for Stanley St. Restaurant
Being a Vegan in India
Meatless Mondays Begin in Sao Paulo, Brazil
‘Animal’ Photography Exhibition at
2902 Gallery – 7-21 Oct

Top Ice Hockey Player Goes Veg
Harvard Learns from NUS
Update on Ami’s Veggie Heart Cooking Classes
Oct/Nov Schedule from Nutri-Hub, the Organic Fusion Café

Less Meat = Less Heat! 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions are linked to livestock production. Most people don't know that. Join VSS on 24 Oct to spread the message.
Dr George M Jacobs

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Get in on the Climate Action! - 24 Oct

24 Oct is International Day of Climate Action, and VSS and ECO Singapore are jointly organising fun and meaningful activities that will raise awareness to the urgency of environmental issues.
Hundreds of us will gather for an Aerial Photo, Wacky Walk as well as Food and other activities.
All participants will receive a Free $2 Food Voucher for use on that day (kindly sponsored by Loving Hut), and a Certificate of Participation.
Register by 17 Oct: 350@vss.sg, and get in on the action!
More details at www.350sg.com.

Next Library Talk: ‘Anti-Aging through Anti-Oxidant Foods’

Last Saturday's talk at Bishan Library by Veronyka Lau of Cat Welfare Society offered a great chance for VSS members to connect with other animal lovers, as well as the two cats in the audience. Thanks, Veron.
The next talk is Sat, 31 Oct, 3pm-5pm, by Dr Sanjay Doshi, Mediline Wei Min Clinic. 'Anti-Aging through Anti-Oxidant Foods' explains the role of diet in slowing the aging process. The venue, Toa Payoh Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room, holds only 30 people; so, please be on time to secure a seat.
Seating for all the talks is on a first come, first served basis; no reservations are possible. The first hour of each of the two hour sessions will focus on what the presenter has to show and tell; the second hour will be open to the public to interact with the presenter and fellow audience members.
Here's the schedule for the two November talks.
Date/Time: 21 Nov, 3pm-5pm
Presenter: Louis Ng, ACRES
Title: Making a Difference for Animals
Venue: Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room,
B1 near lending library (capacity: 70pax)
Date/Time: 28 Nov, 3pm-5pm
Presenter: Dr Harvey Neo, Geography Department, NUS
Title: Meat Production and Land Use
Venue: Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room,
B1 near lending library (capacity: 70pax)
We hope to have another series of talks next year. If you'd like to help plan them, pls contact VSS at info@vss.sg


Pls Share Your Story, ‘Eating Less or No Meat Improved My Health’

There's a lot of scientific evidence about the benefits of going veg, such as that compiled by the American Dietetic Association: http://www.eatright.org/cps/rde/xchg/ada/

However, sometimes personal experience can speak louder that statistics. Thus, VSS is hoping to compile stories from people in Singapore about how going vegetarian or vegan improved their health or saved their lives. The more compelling stories we collect, the better it speaks for the veg diet and spare others of unnecessary suffering.
For instance, VSS president, George Jacobs, suffered from sinus problems for many years. This led to a few colds every year and the build up of polyps in his sinuses, which led to surgery to remove the polyps, although some soon came back. Fortunately, when George gave up dairy - he had already been vegetarian for many years - the sinus problems diminished greatly, and he hasn't had a cold for many years since.
Another, stronger example is Mdm Wong Thai Thai who, after being diagnosed with leukaemia, switched to an all plant based diet which helped reverse the terminal disease. Mdm Wong was so inspired, she started a vegetarian restaurant on Smith Street, Ci Yan, to share the importance of diet for health.
By complementing medical evidence with real life stories, authorities may become more receptive sooner. So, please send your story - in any language - to info@vss.sg. Thanks.

Just a Few Places Left for Tanjung Sutera Trip

Details of this 17-18 Oct trip at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=node/1098

Cycling on Palau Ubin - 1 Nov

On Sun, 1 Nov Sun, VSS is planning another joint bicycling event with the Singapore Adventurous Meetup Group. This time, instead of ECP, we'll be going to Palau Ubin.
Imagine cycling on rustic Singapore roads. Imagine that you see only green, coconuts trees and barking dogs, with no traffic (not to mention no traffic jams), scenes that are long gone in our daily life on mainland Singapore.
You can take this time travel trip on Pulau Ubin. Cycling is the best way to explore this slice of good old Spore.
8.30am: Participants gather at Changi Ferry Terminal for boat trip to Ubin (best to arrive on Ubin early to get good bikes and to beat the Sunday crowds)
9.00am: Quick breakfast on Ubin
9.30am: Choosing & testing bicycles
9.45am: Safety briefing/grouping/planning of cycling route -> cycling start
12.15pm: Cycling ends/feedback & comments
12.45pm: Arrive back at Changi Ferry Terminal
1.00pm: Lunch on your own or with your newfound friends
Please bring cash for the following expenses
1. Cost of the bumboat: $2.50/person/trip (wef 15 Apr 08).

--- Maximum 12 passengers per trip
--- additional charge if you bring your own bike on the ferry
2. Bicycle rent will vary from $6 - $10 depending on type of bicycle you chose. Bicycles with full suspension highly recommended
3. Breakfast & Lunch
Things you MUST bring or wear:
1. at least 1.5 litres of water/isotonic drinks
2. comfortable shoes & sport wear
3. cap
4. sun block
Please ensure you know EXACTLY how to get to the meetup point and that you arrive ON-TIME. To make sure you arrive on time, it's best to share taxi, as the bus route is very long and unpredictable.
TS at 9296.1943 tschua@waltoninternational.com.sg
Kheng at 6258.5031 kheng@vss.sg


Brown Rice: Vegetarians Take the Lead

What vegetarians have long known was confirmed in a ST article from last Sat: if you want brown rice, you're mostly likely to find it at a veg eatery. A VSS Exco member sent the following letter to the ST Forum page in response. Let's see if it is published.
I refer to “Brown rice for your chicken rice meal?” (Oct 3). The article states that brown rice is available at almost one-third of hawker centres, in particular at vegetarian stalls. It is no surprise that vegetarian stalls and restaurants have taken the lead in offering brown rice, as vegetarians generally tend to be more conscious of health, their own health, that of our fellow animals and the health of the environment. There is even vegetarian chicken rice!
By asking for brown rice, we increase demand which, in turn, increases supply. The Vegetarian Society's website, www.vss.sg, has a Food Outlets page which lists more than 400 vegetarian restaurants and stalls around the island. Each listing includes whether the outlet serves brown rice.

What’s VSS Up To?

This is a new feature that talks about things VSS is working on that aren't yet 'ripe' enough for inclusion as a regular article in the VSS eNewsletter. If you'd like to help make these events happen, contact info@vss.sg. If you want more information, please wait for things to ripen. Thx.
1.   Visit by Dr R.K. Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). IPCC shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. He is tentatively scheduled to appear, either in person or via video conference, on 9 Nov.
2.   Visit by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, author of 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease'. Scheduled for March, 2010.
3.   GIRO fundraising scheme.
4.   More letters to the Forum pages of newspapers and other publications.
5.   'Meat Less in Singapore' Starter Kit


New Name for Stanley St. Restaurant

Angel's Bistro is the new name for the veg restaurant at 28 Stanley St, formerly known as Angel's Heart. For more info: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/570

Being a Vegan in India

This article, from the India edition of Forbes magazine, recounts the author's experience trying to be vegan after moving from the U.S. to India.


Meatless Mondays Begin in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Led by Vegetarian Society of Brazil (SVB), Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the world's largest cities, with 11 million inhabitants, kicked off a Meatless Mondays campaign on 3-4 October: http://www.svb.org.br/segundasemcarne
The kick off to Meatless Mondays involved seminars, food demonstrations and a big event in the city's main park, Ibirapuera. Four stations were set up in the park, Health, Environment, Ethics and New Tastes, each one symbolized by one of the 'toys' of the campaign (pictured above).
SVB launched Meatless Mondays in partnership with the Sao Paulo city government's Green and Environment Department, along with NGOs, such as Greenpeace and Slow Food. Plus, another Brazilian city is joining the campaign, Sao Lourenço da Serra. The mayor there is vegetarian and a SVB member. Congratulations!

‘Animal’ Photography Exhibition at 2902 Gallery – 7-21 Oct

The 2902 Gallery, at OldSchool, 11b Mount Sophia, #B2-09, is hosting a photography exhibit, 7-21 Oct. The exhibition, entitled 'Animal', explores various interpretations of the relationship between humans and our fellow animals.
For more info on the exhibition and the gallery:
shihan@2902gallery.com or

www.2902gallery.com or

6339 8655 or info@2902gallery.com


Top Ice Hockey Player Goes Veg

Ice Hockey isn't a popular sport in Singapore, but still it's interesting to learn that a top ice hockey player, Georges Laraque of the Montreal Canadians, went veg earlier this year.
Here's an excerpt from an article about Laraque's diet change.
Everything changed, Laraque said, after he saw Earthlings, a 2006 documentary that is widely celebrated in animal-rights circles.
“It's unconscionable what's happening to animals in this country and the way we treat animals we eat. … I realized I had to make some big changes,” Laraque said.


Harvard Learns from NUS

Last month, as reported in the VSS eNewsletter, a Meatless Thursday campaign was launched at NUS. Already 3500 people there have pledged to go meatless every Thu. Now, the newspaper at Harvard University, the Harvard Crimson, is advocating that people there also reduce meat consumption. Here's an excerpt.
[Harvard University Dining Services] and student groups should inform undergrads about the impact of their meat consumption on the environment, which might inspire students to eat less meat. Lowell House already has a remarkable student initiative that aims to do just that by encouraging students to sign up for “Meatless Mondays,” vowing to refrain from meat-eating once a week.
The issue of vegetarianism carries weight for numerous reasons in modern society, and the Vegetarian Society should be commended for bringing the debate to Harvard. Together, HUDS and student initiatives can inform the student body about the environmental benefits of eating less meat and encourage students to rethink their food consumption.


Update on Ami’s Veggie Heart Cooking Classes

Our previous issue carried news of a new instructor for veg cooking classes, Ami, at 9144.6105. Ami sends news that her 16 Oct class will feature Beehoon with Vegetables.

Oct/Nov Schedule from Nutri-Hub, the Organic Fusion Café

Congratulations to Nutri-Hub, the Organic Fusion Café - Cuppage Plaza,#B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint), 6738.2746 - for again being named a 'Healthier Choice Restaurant' by Health Promotion Board. This is linked to HPB's whole grain campaign.
Nutri-Hub is offering a special 10% discount to paid members of VSS. Also, they have a new schedule: Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm; closed Sun & Public Holidays, but available for group bookings those days.
Here's their Oct/Nov schedule of classes.
Sat 24 Oct, 2-4pm
Nutrimeal - Raw like Cooked
Sat 31 Oct, 10.30am-12.30pm
Harmonising Your Body Energy I
Sat 7 Nov, 2-4pm
Nutrition & Nutrimeal Cooking
Sat 21 Nov, 2-4pm
Nutrition Assessment & Vitality Cooking
Sat 28 Nov, 10.30am-12.30pm
Harmonising Your Body Energy II
Details at http://nutrihub.blogspot.com

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